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Topic: Long time

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    Long time

    well i was last on this forum nearly two years ago.
    and then i bought a mac.
    nothing whatsoever to do with why i've not been here so long, but i thought i'd mention it.
    any of you who remember me will know i mostly did irish trad stuff.

    well this lead to a collaboration with an american authoress, on the trailer for her book.
    i supplied the music.
    thanks to her encouragement i have now released an album of music - the might-be soundtrack to the might-be film of the book.

    it's basically a compilation of stuff i've posted on here over the last five years

    yes i've only come back to plug my cd.

    but if you're interested it's here

    there's a demo page where previews can be heard.

    mick ó c

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    Re: Long time

    Hello, Mícheál- !

    Tantalizing demo I just heard on the Soundclick page. Very nice and atmospheric - Congratulations on the interesting collaboration you've had with the author, Renee Vincent. I wish you both great success!

    And you made me rush to Google up the world "Spondulicks"--that was a new one on me. What I just read that its origins are American slang of the 19th Century, but somehow caught on in Britain where it remains in fairly common usage - but now over here it's become obscure. Interesting!

    Very good work -I hope more people here at the Forum take a listen to the demo. It's so short, it succeeds at inspiring the listener to get the CD!


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    Re: Long time

    thank you very much for the kind words, randy.
    didn't know that about spondulicks though.
    always thought it was irish slang, live and learn.

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