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Topic: user libraries not recognized..???

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    user libraries not recognized..???

    im on a G5 1.8 single proc, tiger 10.4.11, pro tools 7.4, stylus 1.8, sage converter 1.51d.

    stylus pulls up, and can access the core and favorites menu, but when i select 'user libraries' it thinks for a sec and then switches to 'favorites', i can not select my user lib. everything is in order on the hard drives and points to where it should.

    any thoughts?

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    Re: user libraries not recognized..???

    Just a guess ... but ...
    ... possibly you have a corrupted or missing data.xml file which seems to be the file that creates the organization of the individual libraries.
    All of my user libs. have their own data.xml file inside of the main folder for that lib. ( on a PC here with XP )

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