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Topic: Strange things afoot with Omni & Logic 8!

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    Strange things afoot with Omni & Logic 8!

    Hello all,

    Great Forum, this is my first post, though I've been reading it for years, love seeing Eric P's inputs. Thanks for all the great products Eric, I love buying American...seems harder and harder though for stellar VST/AU products.

    Here is the problem. In logic 8, I'm working on a project using the boys choir patch that mods from a single voice to multiple voices. For some reason during the second clip/region none of the "off" midi triggers work. In other words the first part sounds normal, in the second part, all the notes stay on, they never stop where the midi note stops. You can imagine the joyful cacophony of reverb this never-ending choir emits

    Anyone else having this problem? I even tried opening up a completely new track with a new instance of Omni in it...still happened...odd.

    Eric, thanks again for the best sounding soft synth ever created...I'll take it over EWQL products any day! Would sure love to have a good grand and some bread and buttah in her.

    Regards, and thanks in advance for the help.


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    Re: Strange things afoot with Omni & Logic 8!


    Anyone? Thanks

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    Re: Strange things afoot with Omni & Logic 8!

    Have you ensured your snap values are correct? Just a guess.
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