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Topic: GPO Studio missing from Version 3.0?

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    GPO Studio missing from Version 3.0?

    I'm a newbie here, but I bought Garritan Personal Orchestra 3.0 last year.
    The reason I haven't used it at all is that every time I try to associate it with one of my notation programs (I have Finale 2008 and Noteworthy Composer 2), I see references to a 'GPO Studio' as a playable device, but I have no such device showing each time I try to follow the directions.
    Am I missing something that I should have bought?
    I installed everything on the original DVD, but I can't see any reference to a GPO Studio.
    What should I do to get GPO sounds out of Finale and NWC if I can't see this GPO Studio?

    Thanks for any help...

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    Re: GPO Studio missing from Version 3.0?

    Hello and welcome!

    GPO Studio was an older application designed for use with the Kontakt Player 1 version of GPO. It is no longer required. There's a lot of information scattered around which is out of date, but Garritan is on the cusp of a new playback engine so it is possible that they are waiting to update everything.

    To use the KP2 GPO alongside notation you have two options:

    1.) Load it as a VST plugin within the notation program. Offhand, I believe this is good for Finale version 2007 and later. Refer to the Finale help files, search this forum, and check the sticky at the top of this forum board for more information on the process.

    2.) Load KP2 as a standalone application and route the MIDI output to it from your notation application using a virtual midi port. On PC, MIDI-Yoke is the recommended port solution. Macs should have the IAC bus routing built-in. From the MIDI devices menu of NWC or Finale<2007, pick a Midi Yoke port for output. Then, select the same port from the MIDI in dialog in the File>Audio and MIDI setting in KP2. Note that the four ports (A-D) in KP2 will correspond to the first four enabled MIDI inputs in that menu, in top-down order.

    Hope this helps!


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    Re: GPO Studio missing from Version 3.0?

    Thank you for the advice.
    It's a lot more than I have been able to find elsewhere.

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