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Topic: Multiple Mic Mixing

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    Multiple Mic Mixing

    I was wondering if the Pro Version of the Steinway allows mixing of the different MIC perspectives?

    That is, blends of CLOSE MICs and Player Perspective Mics, etc.

    I will be attempting to use this software in some ROCK tunes and would really love to add SPACE to some of the close mics without using REVERB, just the samples themselves.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance,

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    Re: Multiple Mic Mixing

    Hi Jim,
    You can use a sequencer like Sonar, Cubase, Logic, DP, Pro-tools, etc, to play and/or mix multiple perspectives. You would load two instances of the Steinway in your sequencer, and for the first instance choose your first perspective (such as Close) and for the second instance choose your second perspective (such as Classic). It's possible you would want to add some simple delay to the further perspective, but it's a matter of taste. Mixing like this is not directly "in" the Steinway software but it's an easy thing to do with a sequencer, and a sequencer will give you maximum control over the mix and effects.

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