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Topic: My music

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    My music

    Hello my name is Piotr i am a new in this forum
    I am composing music for film
    I am interestin also jazz music, psychodelic and classic of course
    If You interested please visit my web site on
    my space

    best regards

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    Re: My music

    Hello, Piotr...

    First, I should tell you that I am a late starter in the area of music creation, and at this point in my studies I have only a bare minimum of working knowledge of music as regards theory and practice. I respond to music as I hear it. With that caveat in mind, I listened to all of the pieces posted to your MySpace site, and I think your symphonic efforts are quite thrilling, dramatic and emotive. Also, to my ear, you seem to have utilized the hardware/software that you used to realize the performances in a knowledgable way, meaning that there is little evidence of the kind of MIDI-related obstacles to the realistic simulation of an orchestral performance that plague unskilled home-style musicians such as myself. Your legato lines sound smooth and natural, your articulations are expressive, and the aural texture of the instrument sections as they are combined on the whole seems to indicate that you have a serviceable grasp of the principles of orchestration.

    May I ask what hardware/software you employed to produce these compositions? Thanks for your attention. Keep up your imaginative work!



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    Re: My music

    Your music rocks man, one can tell that Hans Zimmer is one of your influences :P

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    Re: My music

    I listened to your music it is very nice.
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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