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Topic: A Moment in Time - A Good Moment

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    A Moment in Time - A Good Moment

    O. K. This probably ain't gonna be too intersting a topic. But sometimes sharing those interesting "little things in life" can bring on a smile or two.

    The inspiration for starting this thread is this little moment that I experienced while driving to work this early evening.

    Although I live in upstate New York, I commute to a lovely small hospital in the Berkshires (in Massachusetts) three times a week (work 12 hour night shifts). The route is very scenic: lots of rural land with lots of lovely hills, streams, farms and farm animals. It truely is a beautiful drive if one has to travel 27.6 miles one way to a potentially stressful work environment.

    About 1 mile before I reached the hospital, I experienced this "Moment in Time". It was a rare, one-of-a kind moment that caused TWO people to smile, actually. I had to stop at a pedestrian crossing (which is located in the middle of nowhere). But rather than stop for human pedestrians, I stopped for a family of ducks that waddled one-by-one across the designated walk-way! (Gosh, I wish I had a camera!) There was the mother duck and the father duck and about 10 little toddler ducks just waddling in a straight line doing their thing. I noticed that there was a guy, who was driving the other direction, who also stopped. We both watched the ducks. And, after the ducks crossed the designated walk-way, we drove past each other, waved and smiled! Big smiles.

    And that's my "Moment in Time". It was a Good Moment.

    How about sharing a recent moment in time that brought on a smile for you? It doesn't matter how "interesting" that moment may mean to anyone else in the world just as long as it meant something for you. And, despite how "interesting" that moment may or maynot be to the world, you just want to share it anyway!!

    What's your "Moment in Time"??

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: A Moment in Time - A Good Moment

    That is brilliant!

    I don't really have a moment, at the moment, but hearing yours brings back a vague memory of a news item that was on in the background last week. It seemed to be some guy catching ducks as they leapt from the first floor balcony of a building (don't know how they'd got there). And the parent ducks seemed to be lining up the kids to make sure they jumped one at a time, from a designated spot. I'll have to try and find the footage.

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    Re: A Moment in Time - A Good Moment

    It's good to remember to appreciate the little things in life. Especially in nature.

    Lately, I've remembered to look up during the sunrise and sunset! Gaze out at the vast mountains, appreciate the beauty of the clouds' formations in conjunction with the valleys, watch the skies change colors, the rays of sunlight peeking through the mountains or the clouds...

    I live in Hawaii for goodness sake, I'd be mad not to watch the obvious beauty around me.

    I'm not fully sure if these are the types of moments you're talking about, but I've been having many moments lately. My latest, though this doesn't pertain to nature, was watching incense my friend recently gave my burn and the smoke formations. Just my new perspective of watching the rippling, twirling, spinning, and floating of the little wisps of smoke took my breath away. It could be described like the release of spirits or fairies by the way the smoke was sent up and moved and even danced together. Not just my perspective, I don't think I've seen smoke move that way before. Or maybe it did, I just wasn't paying any mind.

    It may seem a bit silly, but it was like this... amazing, natural art. Funny, coming from a little stick of incense.
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    Re: A Moment in Time - A Good Moment

    I predict this will be an active thread...

    We all need to stop from time to time and appreciate the world around us.

    I had just such a moment Monday night. I was sitting on my driveway watching my three children play on the swing-set. And if that wasn't good enough, something spooked my three year old daughter (a bug? I'll probably never know) and my seven year old son ran to her rescue. After he helped her get down he then went over to my four year old daughter and assured her that everything was ok.

    I could not have been prouder, happier, or more grateful for the gift that is my children. I need to remember that!
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    Re: A Moment in Time - A Good Moment

    A different kind of moment, but it had an odd effect on me:

    The other day, I was driving, saw a dog along the edge of the road, and waved. At the dog.

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    Re: A Moment in Time - A Good Moment

    Very cool to read the responses share so far. . . .

    Without a doubt, there can exist a lot of stress in our own personal lives. Without a doubt, there exists a lot of stress in the world as a whole. Understandably, it's very easy to fine one's self lost in the trials brought forth by life (sickness, economic stress, interpersonal struggles, etc). This is true for me, at least. Hopefully those "small" "Moment in Time" tribulations can help bring even a little peace and respite from the craziness of daily living. My happy, little "Moment in Time", yesterday, gave me a muchly needed smile and a respect for the beauty that does exist on our crazy planet.

    Peace, folks. . .

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: A Moment in Time - A Good Moment

    I loved it! I live in a bird sanctuary near the Morton (as in the Morton Salt family) Arboretum and ducks and geese nest here - sometimes in our yards! It's a city ordinance that you have to stop and let 'em cross the street! It's great when both ways on a four lane shut down to let the baby geese across! I know the magic of your moment a little bit, I hope. Great stuff!

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    Re: A Moment in Time - A Good Moment

    Right outside of our garage door is a small tree, and in that tree there is a nest, and in that nest there are two baby birds. Always nice to start the morning with a good moment by seeing how the birds are doing. And very fortunately for us, their parents are not attacking or minding us at all.

    My little sister named them Tweetie and Todd, their parents Beaky and Sweeney. (I somehow convinced her to let "Sweeney Todd" be a part of it.)

    Kind of ugly... They'll look better with feathers, I'm sure.
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    Re: A Moment in Time - A Good Moment

    Scary. Next time somebody yells at you "duck!!" do it and don't look.

    Nice story.... those little things in life are jewels to remember.


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    Re: A Moment in Time - A Good Moment

    Thank you, Ted ! - I'm certainly glad I finally paused to see this thread. Wonderful story.

    Nature can provide some of the most heart filling moments in our lives, and often unexpectedly, as in your story.

    Squirrels aren't especially liked because they can do so much damage, chewing up telephone wires and such. But dang, aren't they cute?

    There's a Squirrel which likes to sit on the fence of my back porch, staring in at my house cat, teasing it with what sounds like mocking little Squirrel clickety click laughter. My cat isn't allowed out, traffic is too close by, not to mention too many feisty cats which roam around the neighborhood. So my cat stares out at our mischievous little Squirrel friend, growling at it in warning and frustration.

    Yesterday when I stepped out to get some fresh air, the Squirrel was there, but didn't run away as usual - Squirrels can be so quick and alert. Instead, it sat there on the fence, just 2 feet from me, and stared for the longest time. He was saying Hello - And thanking me for the daily entertainment of being able to come mock my cat.


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