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Topic: OT: Favorite cross-platform compressor?

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    OT: Favorite cross-platform compressor?

    I am in the market for a great cross-platform compressor. Looking for something that might have the range from colored to transparent. I have previously enjoyed the Kjaerhus Golden Compressor, but it only works on PCs. Any thoughts and recommends will be appreciated.


    Mark LaPierre

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    Re: OT: Favorite cross-platform compressor?

    The Vienna Suite which is compatible for Mac and PC is made by the Vienna Symphonic Library and it includes a fantastic compressor. It also contains other plug-ins like a Convolution Reverb, EQ, Master EQ, Exciter, and some other tools for mixing and mastering. You can try out the Vienna Suite for 30 Days to see how you like it. You will need to have a Syncrosoft dongle however to use the product.

    Check out their videos demonstrating the Vienna Suite here: http://vsl.co.at/en/211/1343/1348/1594/1245.vsl
    Austin Haynes
    Sales and Technical Support

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    Re: OT: Favorite cross-platform compressor?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I guess I do tend to shy away from dongles, since they impede my flow on my laptop. I also just purchased a convolution reverb- Yellow Tools Origami 2, and it feels a bit like purchasing something twice. I'll check and see if they offer the plugins "a la carte".

    Other thoughts?



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    Re: OT: Favorite cross-platform compressor?

    Hey Mark

    Voxengo Crunchessor - very good, the right price, and both PC or Mac.

    And you can download a full working demo and try it out.

    Best regards

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