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Topic: Gofriller Cello - Can you still buy this?

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    Gofriller Cello - Can you still buy this?

    I see that the Gofriller Cello has been discontinued. Is there still a way to purchase this (or is there someone out there who is looking to sell theirs?). I saw a site that was selling it for $20, but I am guessing that isn't legit. Is there something that has replaced this piece of software, and I'm just missing it?

    I am interested about the violin version as well.


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    Re: Gofriller Cello - Can you still buy this?

    This product as well as the Violin has been discontinued but will appear packaged with his new GPO Advanced due out shortly I believe.

    I would not buy the one you saw for $20. It will NOT be legit.

    Suggest you email Garritan to see if he knows somewhere that still has it, however you may wish to wait a while.
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    Re: Gofriller Cello - Can you still buy this?

    the new solo instruments that are replacing the Gofriller solo cello and the Stradivari solo violin are not included in the "soon to be released GPO4.

    Those instruments along with many others are part of GOS2 that is also in the works.

    Just so you are not mislead.

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    Re: Gofriller Cello - Can you still buy this?

    It's still available at Dolphin Music in the UK, as is the violin. I would post the link but the forum won't let me.


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