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Topic: Realtime MIDI recording.

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    Realtime MIDI recording.

    Okay, I have a MIDI to USB converter. I'd like to record some strings on song songs and don't want to mess with trying to sync them up with a recording that may not be at a strict tempo, as I'll never get that quite right. How can I record the exact notes and rhythms I'm playing on my keyboard and assign VST sounds to it later? I've got GPO, I'd like to use that if possible. I don't have much of a budget to work with, so no expensive stuff, k?

    Note: I also need something that will know when I'm using the pedal.

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    Re: Realtime MIDI recording.

    not sure I understand the question...but...to use any sample-based instrument after the fact you need to record your music as MIDI.

    if it's software you're inquiring about I would suggest cakewalk Music Creator 5 or SONAR Home Studio 7...or...one of the lite Cubase's, e.g., LE.

    on the tempo thing...it's important to get the BPM at least close to your composition's chosen speed.


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    Re: Realtime MIDI recording.

    But there are tempo changes in a lot of my music, and usually a lot of rubato. I've tried to record to MIDI via Adobe Audition, which turned out terribly. I can't record anything but one voice melodies, which doesn't turn out well all of the time either... I will try the recommended software...as soon as I reformat my hard drive.

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    Re: Realtime MIDI recording.

    I don't know much about MIDI, But I think that, MIDI Converter converts digitized music into MIDI sequences.It can also process many tones or voices.I can't record anything but like to record some voice melodies.

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    Re: Realtime MIDI recording.

    Like everyone else, musicians Tech Central was affected by the global slowdown Ecomomic worldwide. MTC useful if you find that you can help us stay afloat by clicking on the ads Google has found on the left side of each page.

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    Smile Re: Realtime MIDI recording.

    If you still need to record MIDI and be able to use Garritan sounds, Notation Composer is on sale for as low as $44 (choose your sale level) www.notation.com/NotationComposer.php When you're done, you'll also have the score as well If you have lots of rubato and tempo changes in your piece, you can turn off the metronome while you record, then use the ReBar feature to set the barlines after you've recorded. You can overdub, punch in recording, and lots of other recording features. Then you can add the MIDI cc data for the performance nuances right on top of the score.


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