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Topic: MIDI Vs Digital Audio ??

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    MIDI Vs Digital Audio ??

    Hi to all musicians

    First can I begin by saying I understand that MIDI and Digital Audio are different types of technologies, and require you to work with them in different ways and when wanting to create music there are basically only two ways to do this MIDI or Audio. The concept of recording MIDI I understand to an extent, but digital Audio I do not.

    Basically when recording in MIDI I know you need a MIDI interface cable to connect your keyboard to the Soundcard for communication between both devices, but how is it with Audio? I know that once a MIDI track has been recorded inside the sequencer it’s then possible to export that MIDI file in to an Audio file, if I’m correct?

    But when recording Audio what is the process? Is it a case of having to connect the line outputs of your keyboard to the line inputs of the soundcard in order for that information to be stored as Digital Audio?
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    Re: MIDI Vs Digital Audio ??

    "Digital audio" just means the actual sound is being stored as digital data (zeros and ones). MIDI is a protocol that lets equipment talk to each other, not audio at all. For instance, I might control keyboard volume levels through MIDI, which would send a number between 1 (inaudibly quiet) and 128 (devastatingly loud).

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    Re: MIDI Vs Digital Audio ??

    How audio and midi interact:


    A lot of good information on audio, midi, and building a studio:

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