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Topic: Inventio 5 [by el-russo]

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    Thumbs up Inventio 5 [by el-russo]


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    Re: Inventio 5 [by el-russo]

    Great work el-russo - I've had a lurking listen to you before and I think you're getting better all the time!

    You're very 'exposed' writing this sort of music, and not a lot of people can do this I think. A minor quibble, I think it deserves some more beautiful playing in the second half, but I really dont want to detract.

    If people tell you 'youve got to be more contemporary' don't listen - your musical thinking will be all the stronger when you set off into your own style, for having worked on this for a while. Thats my proverbial 2 cents...

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    Re: Inventio 5 [by el-russo]

    Thank you guys for listening and appreciation.

    Best wishes,
    Michael (el-russo)

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