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Topic: Reinstalling Omnisphere

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    Reinstalling Omnisphere

    I had to format C: and install Windows all over again.
    I have my STEAM folder still on D: though.

    Is there a shortcut to installing Omnisphere if I have all the STEAM data already there?

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    Re: Reinstalling Omnisphere

    Sure, just download the latest version of the plugin, install it and then make a shortcut for the STEAM folder in the Spectrasonics folder (by default it's C:\Program Files\Spectrasonics) just like with RMX and the SAGE folder.
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    Re: Reinstalling Omnisphere

    This thread seems to talk to an earlier post I did. Sounds like the STEAM folder can be installed somewhere other than the C drive (leaving just the Omnisphere program on the C drive.

    Not sure i understand how to create a "shortcut" in the Spectrasonics folder to point to the STEAM folder on another hard drive.

    Can anyone clarify this for me?



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    Re: Reinstalling Omnisphere

    Right click on the STEAM folder and choose "create shortcut"
    Right click on that newly created short cut and choose "Cut"
    Browse to the location you would like to put the shortcut.
    Look to the top of the folder in that new location and choose Edit > Paste.

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    Re: Reinstalling Omnisphere


    Forgive me but I'm still not sure I understand....

    I presently have the Steam Folder installed at the following location..


    I want to move the soundsources, patches etc... to a different drive (G:\)

    If I move it there (end up with G:\STEAM), are you saying I would create a shortcut to that location (G:\STEAM) and put the shortcut in the original C:\Spectrasonics folder?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Re: Reinstalling Omnisphere

    The answer is on page 52 of your Omnisphere Users Guide booklet.

    - Glenn

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