Yes, it's true...

Snorlax has just returned from the Great American Euphonium Party, otherwise known as the Great American Brass Band Festival.

Unlike past years, I only went to LISTEN this year instead of perform, so it was a nice opportunity to hear and reconnect with friends of long standing but infrequent contact.

But I digress...the REAL purpose of this memo is to alert you to the impending (I mean it) arrival of ROGUE SUNDAY SNORCHAT at 4pm Indianapolis time. the admins have opened chatrooms SNORCHAT1 through SNORCHAT48 for your conversational pleasure.

Feel free to discuss the relative merits of all different makes of euphonium, live euphonium vs. sampled euphonium, and the impending Garritan Universal Euphonium Sample Set (GUESS). It is now in ZETA testing!!

See you all in SUNDAY SNORCHAT...