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Topic: Request for Metadata

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    Request for Metadata

    This is not a music posting, but rather a request for a simple courtesy for listening room patrons.

    I don't generally have the time to listen to the offerings whilst sitting at my computer. I have to download them, put them on my ipod and listen at my convenience. (This is why I rarely ever comment on songs that are streaming only).

    Anyway, when I load the song into iTunes for transfer to my ipod, I frequently have to fill in the missing metadata - song title, artist, etc. the problem is, I often don't know the real name of the artist, and sometimes, if there is a lag between downloading the uploading the song, I don't even know the real name of the song. I downloaded one earlier this week that was called "Track One". Fortunately, the file name was descriptive enough to fill in the blanks on that one.

    So, my plea is thus: after creating the mp3 in whichever software you use, if that software does not give you the option of adding the metadata at creation, open the song in either Media Player or iTunes (other software will do this as well) and add that data. It will be most appreciated.


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    Re: Request for Metadata

    Really interesting, good post, Rob - for several reasons.

    It's impressive to know about what an effort you make to listen to your fellow Forum members' compositions. ! - And your request for the I.D. data to be included in the MP3s--I'm Very glad you asked for that. It's surprising how often people make MP3s for posting online but there's no info included--no title, no artist - strange they wouldn't want to add that. I don't even know of MP3 burners that don't let you add the data - good tip you posted on other ways to get the MP3s properly labeled.



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