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Topic: Best Expression Pedal for RD700GX? - Cost not an issue

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    Best Expression Pedal for RD700GX? - Cost not an issue

    Can anyone recommend the best Expression pedal for use with Keyboards - organ, synths, general Midi CC Control?

    The answer has eluded me for ages! So I'd really appreciate any ideas people have to share

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    Re: Best Expression Pedal for RD700GX? - Cost not an issue

    There's not exactly a whole slew of expression pedals out there, unfortunately. I use a Roland EV-5 with my 700SX, it works well. I mainly use it for Strad and Grof. It wasn't horribly expensive as I recall, $50-$75 range.


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    Re: Best Expression Pedal for RD700GX? - Cost not an issue

    Thanks heaps for the reply loydb, I've been looking at the EV-5, however I saw a review that said only half of the depth of that pedal was sending CC information, so I've shyed away from it thinking I need to spend more. I want good control over Gofriller Cello as well as organ volume, and synth filter cutoff (not all at once hehe).

    Have you had this limited depth experience with the EV-5? Or can you use the whole depth to control CC0-127?

    I'd really appreciate your feedback because I've been hunting for info for ages! Thanks

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    Re: Best Expression Pedal for RD700GX? - Cost not an issue

    I use a Yamaha FC7.

    I have found it to have more expression than any other controller, it is rugged, and it also for some reason is way cheaper than any other pedal out there. I have been using a pair of them for about 4 years now with my Stradivari. Despite it's "ruggedness" and seemingly durable construction there are 2 problems that I have had with mine, but the good thing about it, is that these 2 problems are easy to prevent.

    1. After about 4 months of use (right after I bought them) the pots started getting dirty, so I just disassembled the pedals and sprayed them down with contact cleaner. Ever since that one and only incident they have never had that issue again.

    2. After about 3 years of use, the actual movement of the pedals started getting sticky. Easy fix, a little WD40 on the moving parts and your good to go.

    The best thing about these pedals are the range of motion. Of course I disabled the "Fortissimo" feature, or whatever it is that they call it.

    Oh, and another really important thing. Although it is supposed to only work with Yamaha keyboards, there is a work around and I can assure you that it is solid and has not "catches". Even after doing the workaround, the performance is absolutely perfect and smooth.

    Read more here:

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    Re: Best Expression Pedal for RD700GX? - Cost not an issue

    Wow okay, I'm usually not a fan of yamaha hardware, but okay I'll keep the Yamaha FC7 in mind now. I really need to test these pedals, for instance the EV-5 next to the FC7. It sounds like the yamaha pedal has more depth and a more sturdy build?

    Do either of you guys notice an uneven control or 'dead zone' on the pedals?

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    Re: Best Expression Pedal for RD700GX? - Cost not an issue

    It took me awhile to get used to the EV-5 controlling Grof and Strad -- you literally have to learn to play them like an instrument. I haven't re-installed them since I went to Vista, so I'm probably rusty by now.

    The motion is smooth and even across the range of the pedal -- but it's hard to get the feel for the middle range. The low end and top end are easy -- you can anchor it at one of the extremes and then quickly back off to the spot you want before you start a note-on -- but starting with it in the middle somewhere is less precise.


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    Re: Best Expression Pedal for RD700GX? - Cost not an issue

    Nope, absolutely no problems with any part of the range on the FC7.

    And, I don't really get why everyone else's pedals have such a limited range of motion.

    I really settled on the FC7 after personally trying it out at my local Guitar Center.

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    Re: Best Expression Pedal for RD700GX? - Cost not an issue

    Thank you very much guys for your input and experiences. I am leaning towards the yamaha FC7 with a polarity switcher. However the one thing I hear often about the FC7 is that they are not particularly durable?

    Would I be crazy to be thinking of getting the EV-7? It seems to be made to last, the only thing is that its bloody expensive! And I'm not even sure it has as much depth as the FC7, and fine control is fairly important to me..

    Any opinions on the EV-7 at all?

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    Re: Best Expression Pedal for RD700GX? - Cost not an issue


    I have both the roland EV5 and the FC7, and to me the FC7 feels like a tank. Very solid and cheaper. Even thought I have not done this yet, it should be easy to build a polarity adapter, so you can go between the two. Here is a link for an adapter, but better yet you could build one for a few bucks. Get some radio shack tips and solder one together, or better, get the newtrik stereo tips which are better. Just swap the connection between the tip and ring for the adapter. Tip on one end to ring on the other end.


    Once you have this adapter you should be able to switch between the Korg, Yamaha family to the Roland-Kurzweil family

    Also remember I believe the EV5 has a 10 K pot and the FC7 a 47 K pot. Double check these number. So one may bottom out before the other.


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    Re: Best Expression Pedal for RD700GX? - Cost not an issue

    Thanks again for all the feedback. I have ordered an EV5, and if I'm not satisfied with it, I will order an FC7, make a polarity reverser and compare the two and sell one. I chose EV5 because I trust stuff that roland has made and my keyboard is also Roland.

    However I will keep my mind open when testing the EV5! Heres hoping it does what I need

    Many thanks everyone for the help!

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