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Topic: I received my keyboard today YAY

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    Smile I received my keyboard today YAY

    Today I received my CME UF70 keyboard I picked up on ebay. It was $425 Australian and is new. The regular price here in Australia for these is $800AUD.

    All keyboards are so much cheaper in America.

    It all seems good.

    Hopefully I can be much more productive now instead of using a mouse.

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    Re: I received my keyboard today YAY

    Good for you, Alan. There's no feeling to compare with having a new toy to aid us in our creative endeavors.
    Dayton, Kentucky
    Personally, I'm waiting for caller IQ.

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    Re: I received my keyboard today YAY

    Congrats on the purchase Alan!
    I've been using a UF70 for almost 2 years now and I really like the board. Just make sure you have version 2 of the firmware installed. (I think you should as it came out in late 2008.) I have a sustain pedal, expression pedal and breath controller all hooked up to it and each one works like a charm. If you are going to purchase an expression pedal, I highly recommend you get the VP-26/U Universal pedal. I have tried several pedals with the UF70 and the VP-26 was by far the best. (You have to get a pedal that is compatible with your board. Otherwise it will either a) not work or b) not work well.)

    Enjoy the board!

    We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams …
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    Re: I received my keyboard today YAY

    Now, that's one large jpg.....
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: I received my keyboard today YAY

    Quote Originally Posted by rpearl View Post
    Now, that's one large jpg.....
    hehe--ain't it though? Look at the control that thing has. Control your recording software's transport control and mixer, patch parameters etc--all right there above the keys. And wireless MIDI!

    Hope you have a super time with, Alan - don't see how this thing could disappoint. I've looked online, it is Happening!


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    Re: I received my keyboard today YAY

    I have the same keyboard, got it last year new for £99.95 when the local music shop went bust and sold everything off. Still sells here for over £300.

    As Kevin said make sure you update the firmware.

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    Re: I received my keyboard today YAY

    I showed this picture to my wife to prove to her that I need a new larger monitor

    I don't think it worked.


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    Re: I received my keyboard today YAY

    Very Nice Alan.

    I think we should all go to Alan's and break in his new toy for him.
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    Re: I received my keyboard today YAY

    Thanks everyne for your interest. Thanks especially to Kevin for the tip on the expression pedal! I had been wondering about that since I heard that few were compatible. Ihave just ordered one. I had to get it sent to an American address - they don;'t appear to be available in Australia and the freight would have been $150!! My company has a Carlsbad office so I will get them to ship it here.

    Hippie, you are most welcome to pay me a visit!

    Thanks also to Randy for the almost-lifesize image.

    Jon, I have three 20" (1600x1200) and 1 17" screen at home, but at the office I have two 20" (1600 x 1200) screens and one 30" (2560x1600). That helps provide serious productivity - in any domain.

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