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Topic: Anyone want a new Rhodes library

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    Anyone want a new Rhodes library

    Just interested to know whether you guys think that there is a need for a Rhodes sample library. I know of the one currently for sale, but having listened to the demos, it sounds a bit weak and nice to me. I own a pristine 88 key Rhodes, adjusted for that grinding fat sound that the other sample library doesn\'t quite achieve.

    Would you guys be interested in a Gig that represents an instrument such as this?

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    Re: Anyone want a new Rhodes library

    Hey Barbie,
    Im working on a rhodes sample cd as we speak! I agree...all the samples that are out there...are too nice sounding...because the rhodes is electro mechanical...it takes a great deal of multi velocity mapping to even come close to the authenticity and idiosyncratic nuances of the rhodes...unfortunately...it seems like the producers of these cds haven\'t listened to a Chick Corea or Herbie album to get it right...simply put...they just sound too clean...My MK-1 was just fitted with the new Major Key harmonic clarifier...providing just the right amount of tube driven distortion! Just out of curiosity...what is the maximum number of velocity layers and samples per key allowed by GigaStudio??


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    Re: Anyone want a new Rhodes library

    I\'m afraid I can\'t answer your question about max velocity layers, as I\'ve only just started using the program myself. Have created a very simple instrument with only half a dozen samples and only two velocity layers, but already sounds big and dirty...

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    Re: Anyone want a new Rhodes library

    A mono sound can have up to 32 velocity layers.

    A stereo sound can have up to 16 velocity layers.

    Each region/note can have its own setup. eg you could have some notes which are stereo with 4 velocity splits and others which are mono with 32 splits - all in the same instrument.

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