While the groupbuy and the 50% discount is going on, I'd like to present a few of our products, starting with "The Big One". Many of you have heard about this great grand piano, but some of you might have missed it, so here we go. (You can get TBO here: http://www.sampletekk.com/proddetail...VER-026-FORMAT)
Regulare price $199, Groupbuy price: $99,50


SampleTekk is proud to present TBO – The Big One, probably the largest sampled piano in the world today!

You want to talk about raw power and dynamics, ok let’s do that:
TBO has 93 unique samples/recorded notes.
We are talking about 31 velocity layers pedal up, 31 pedal down and 31 release samples.

Now why on earth does anyone want to produce a sampled piano of this size...??

Imagine playing a piano and only being allowed to hit keys with 8 different strengths. Hard to implement, but think of what that should do to your playing and inspiration. Think if the numbers of strength where limited to 4….or maybe if we go up to 12. Still, very frustrating for a pianist to hit a key ppp and still get note with pp timbre. Or going from ppp to fff in a crescendo and only get 5-6 transitions in between.

We at SampleTekk believe that having many velocity samples/note is what makes a sampled piano realistic and inspiring to play.
Our earlier pianos, Black Grand, White Grand, White Sister and Vertikal all has 16 layers pedal up and 16 pedal down, and to our knowledge, this is something that we are alone to have.
But, now we set a new standard even to ourselves and give you a piano with 31 velocity samples per note. That is 31 pedal down, 31 pedal up and 31 matching release samples.
Besides great sound and almost seamless transitions when you go from soft to brutal, what does this mean to your playing?

A piano is an incredibly versatile instrument! Just imagine, you can, on the same instrument, play everything from "Great Balls of Fire" to "Adagio Cantabile" and they both will come out great. The same instrument, the same location.
This is possible due to a pianos incredible dynamic range.
You can get so much out of a piano, just by playing it differently.

Listen to the first TBO demo, then listen to the fourth. Now, compare the sound.
Both demos where made using the same piano! Just by a different, softer playing, you can get a very different character out of TBO, just like you could on a real piano.
This is what makes TBO unique!

Here's some demos:

TBO 3 (Performed by Richard Krull)
Christmas is here, performed by Sue Keller

TBO is demanding on your system if you want to run the full piano. There will be economy patches, but you should have a P4 3 GHz with 2Gb RAM to run the full piano.