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Topic: Movie Challenge 6 Site

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    Movie Challenge 6 Site

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking for a site to host our movie challenge videos. I know my video is over 13 mb and I am not sure box.net can or will accept files that large. If you have a suggestion, please contact me.

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    Re: Movie Challenge 6 Site

    Hi, Bill - Sean has a site for the music Challenge series, perhaps he can make a page for the Movie Challenge also - ?

    If you have a paid account at Box, there's no limitation on file size. I pay $5 a month to have 10 gig storage, uploading whatever size files I want.

    Maybe the free Garritan MP3 page can host them?

    If neither of those ideas work out, I could set up a folder at my Box and give you collaborator access to it so you could upload the vids there. I'm just not sure how long I'd be able to keep them stored there since I'm often needing to delete old things to make room for the new.


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    Re: Movie Challenge 6 Site

    Ah! I think you're right, Darwin. Not too long ago I was surprised to see my storage size increase without the fee going up. Then I heard the free accounts got increases also. 25 meg upload limits on the free account is great, that's for Each upload, each file. NO problem--There ya go, Bill.


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    Re: Movie Challenge 6 Site

    My final file is under 10MB as a WMV (to the specs agreed upon). Will upload as soon as we have a site! Can't wait!
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    Re: Movie Challenge 6 Site

    Yeah, I had a site going at http://www.wizardwalk.com/MovieMusicChallenges/ but I didn't keep it updated. (Which reminds me, I'm behind on updating the Orchestration Challenges site too...) You're still welcome to upload to that site via FTP if you want.
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    Re: Movie Challenge 6 Site

    Thanks all - I will get back to you. Box.net still looks good. I will try to get a Handel on this and get Bach to you soon. My computer was Baroque, but is working Finale, now.

    Best regards,

    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: Movie Challenge 6 Site

    Well, I as able to upload a 12 mb project to box.net. The only problem is it only gives you the ability to download not play which means voters would have to download all these large files to vote. I am not sure if that is acceptable.


    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: Movie Challenge 6 Site

    Hmmm, what did we do last time, Bill?--I can't remember if the vids were parked at site where they could stream--? I would have looked up the old thread, but with Northern Sound's search function not working--grrrrrrr--I couldn't find it.

    I knew vid files had to be downloaded from Box, and I'm afraid I tend to forget that can be problematic. On cable, these 10-15 meg files take only seconds to download, but of course there are many people still on DSL or even dial up, and to them, what now seems like a teeny file to cable folks can seem fairly large.

    Without a site designed with media players and streaming easily set up, I don't know what else we can do.

    Other people hopefully have a solution, if we need to reject the download idea.


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    Re: Movie Challenge 6 Site

    Quote Originally Posted by DarwinKopp View Post
    Is it possible to set up a private channel on Youtube?

    Looks like you can, but you have to create a specific contact list and I believe it can only include up to 25 people.

    See http://www.google.com/support/youtub...e&topic=&type=


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