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Topic: Big samples + cheapo SSD = Swooosh?

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    Big samples + cheapo SSD = Swooosh?

    Ok, cheap SSD-drives with the notorious JMicron controller are to be avoided at any cost, but what if i would use one solely for storing virtual instruments and big sample libraries?
    Could the SSD perform well since it pretty much just reads big files, and the main issues with JMicron SSDs concern small files and low IO/sec.
    Difference disabling DirectFromDisk?

    Right now my FW400 is quite annoying when it comes to load times. Feel like putting Omni on a dedicated SSD.

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    Re: Big samples + cheapo SSD = Swooosh?

    That's a really good question. Makes me wonder as well. Except for (non-critical) library installs there won't be writes on a sample drive. So a cheap SSD might work perfectly. Though the price difference between "slow" and "fast" drives decrease at bigger size. Especially at 250 GB and more.

    I myself am thinking about buying a fast and smaller SSD for Windows, programs and maybe some projects (as long as it fits). Later on I can always buy another bigger one for my projects; they'll be cheaper by then anyway.

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