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Topic: Using GPO with Sibelius 6

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    Using GPO with Sibelius 6

    I installed GPO, using all the defaults.

    I'm using Sibelius 6, and I also have Sibelius 5 installed, and the following
    is the same in both.,

    I copied the following DLLs from "Program Files>Native Instruments"
    into "Program Files>Sibelius>...>VSTPlugins":


    GPO and "Garritan Personal Orchestra" don't show up in the Sibelius PLAYBACK DEVICES.

    And, the "activate" and "deactivate" buttons are now greyed out,
    so I can't activate any other playback device.

    Any idea how I hook up GPO and Sibelius 6?

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    Re: Using GPO with Sibelius 6

    That worked fine. Many thanks.


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