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Topic: Places for Eric to visit - with Mic

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    Places for Eric to visit - with Mic

    Just a friendly thing; feel free to add:

    Metal Foundry
    Scrap Yard
    Large Ocean Liner
    Sheet Glass manufacturer
    School Playground
    Soccer Match
    Budgerigar Aviary
    Railway Yard
    Underground Lake (such as found under many cities)
    North Pole in a Blizzard (Yes All in the line of duty Eric!)
    Bird Island

    Loving Omni

    Core i7 920, Win 7 RC 64, Cubase 5 64, Omnisphere, Trilogy, RMX, EWQLSO Plat EW Choirs, GPO, Stradivari, Gofrilla, Absynth 4, Halion 3, Kontakt3, BFD2, VSL Strings, JBridge running all 32 bit apps well.

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    Re: Places for Eric to visit - with Mic

    Another idea:

    Let's record these environments ourselves - while we let Eric create the opportunity to import our samples into Omnisphere...

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