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Topic: GPO AUX sends resting after new mutli is loaded???

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    GPO AUX sends resetting after new mutli is loaded???

    Hey all! just cutting my teeth with GPO here.... I have GPO loaded into a protools 8 session that has one incident of GPO driving several instruments through different midi channels. I have 4 AUX sends set up in GPO with different reverbs..... it was very strange because I had just set all the tracks with their appropriate AUX sends (in GPO) and then loaded up a horn section but after the new section was loaded suddenly all my aux send settings were undone..... that is to say all the send sliders in GPO had reset themselves to zero for each instrument channel????

    I know there must be "switch" I am missing someplace....someone please help!


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    Re: GPO AUX sends resting after new mutli is loaded???

    As to why the sliders are re-setting to Zero as you describe, I suppose there must be stray C7 data setting them that way.
    Thought I would pop back in if somebody runs into this and needs an idea to look into....this came from another thread on "using multiple outs"



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