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Topic: Plunge into Stylus RMX?

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    Plunge into Stylus RMX?

    I'm trying to decide whether to buy Stylus RMX but first I want to understand its workflow because I haven't a clue how it works.
    I understand it plays loops. Are they controlled by midi?
    Is it like other drum software (Addictiv drums, EZDrummer, etc.) where I would drag midi data from the software to my DAW and change it to my liking?
    How would I change from one loop to another anywhere in the song?
    How do I custom make the loops? For example I would like to add HHs (high hats) to a HH-less loop. Is this possible?

    Questions for Eric: After the Omnisphere contest where people made amazing compositions with Omni loops within Stylus RMX, is it planned for a future release that Stylus RMX will be able to read Omnisphere sounds directly?
    Also, as far as I know Stylus RMX is beginning to get old (my guess 4-5 years?) and maybe Spectrasonics are working on a new more up to date (technologically) version. Are there any plans for this software and if so should I maybe hold on a bit more and dive straight into the newer version not needing to pay upgrades or for a whole new software entirely?
    Just thinking out loud.
    Any input is most appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Plunge into Stylus RMX?

    there is 2 ways of working with RMX.
    You can use the loops or you can use it as a drumsoundmodule.
    In case of the loops you drag the midifiloe that represents the loop from RMX to your arrangewindow where you can further modify the data.
    Switching loops midway is no problem.
    You can combine loops in RMX to create your own mixture-its a s easy as 1,2,3.
    RMX might be 5 years old but it is still cutting edge because Spectrasonics is doing a great job to update the featureset.
    Sofar all of the updates were free of charge BTW.
    If you appreciate a good beat in your music you cant go wrong with RMX. I use it in all of my productions since the day it came out and i sincerely cannot imagine how i would make music without it.
    It is absolutely essential to my workflow.

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    Re: Plunge into Stylus RMX?

    Thanks Hans.
    When you say "In case of the loops you drag the midifile that represents the loop from RMX to your arrangewindow where you can further modify the data." do you mean that I further modify using regular midi data (piano roll? drum map?)?

    A side question: I saw that you have both Trilogy and Scarbee. Which do you like better and for which purposes? I'm trying to decide also if to wait for Trilian or go with Scarbee.

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