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Topic: Endorcements for Scarbee Bass Libraries?

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    Endorcements for Scarbee Bass Libraries?


    I would like to have some endorcements from \"high profile users\" that uses my bass libraries. I know the names of many who have recieved my libraries but I do not yet see any quotes from any of them.

    So why do I need quotes?
    Well In some countries outside USA the Giga-platform is hardly known and some even consider this as an \"amateur-platform\".

    I have heard the words \"No pros use Giga-Sampler!\" A bit funny...

    I would like to change some minds about the Giga-platform to increase my sales and make sure that I can provide you with products in the future. Demoes are great, but a few endorcements from \"stars\" sure helps.

    I just need a line or two...

    Thanks in advance



    You can email me at: info@scarbee.com

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    Re: Endorcements for Scarbee Bass Libraries?

    \"a few endorcements from \"stars\" sure helps\"

    I assume it is legal for you to post a client list without getting their permission. Something like \"Look who\'s using Scarbee Bass! - Joe Blow, etc.\"

    As for the stars names, hopefully you have already got a few, list em here! Unless there all waiting for the J-Fingered.

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    Re: Endorcements for Scarbee Bass Libraries?

    Hi Munsie:

    I would NEVER publish any names without permission from themselves. Some \"Stars\" want to protect their \"sound-secrets\". And I guess that some musicians do not want to let people know that they use sampled instruments to replace \"real\" instruments - it could hurt their image.



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    Re: Endorcements for Scarbee Bass Libraries?


    Hmm, probably a good policy on your part. But legally I assume you could do so without their permission. With software in general you always see developers posting a client list. If Hans Zimmer purchased your library wouldn\'t you post that information somewhere!!! Hell, I would in a heart beat. When someone actually purchases your library, isn\'t that an automatic endorsement? What you are probably looking for is more along the line of \"product testimonials\" from high profile users. And these you would indeed have to solicit. One thing I use on my websites is a \"testimonial area\" where users can send their comments to me. I always tell them in the fine print their comments may be used in print from time to time.

    Which leads to another question, I assume some high profile users have agents or \"employees\" that purchase sample libraries for them. If I purchase the library with my perosnal information but the actual user is someone else, what\'s the legality of that? Does the person on the invoice have to be the end user?

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