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Topic: 64b anyone???

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    Question 64b anyone???

    Hi colleagues,

    I underestimated the power (and the truble) coming out from my new PC, running a native 64bit Vista Home Premium.

    I was planning to use it only for fun (video editing and video games) but it's soooooo fast, that i didn't resist to the temptation of installing some of my music software....and so pleasure and pain started mixing in a full mess...LOL

    The performances of the system due to 4Gb RAM and core2 Quad are amazing...never so much and demanding VI sessions played before in my studio...BUT...

    No 64b software!!...compatibility issues...not available drivers...90% of my HW and SW are obsolete for the new system and 50% are simply not working at all...

    The question is: had some of you a trial of real 64bit music software? (e.g. Cubase 5 + last generation 64bit effects and players)

    I'm worried buying some update that seems to be still very unstable according forum and communities, and I can't understand and estimate the real benefit: suggestions and experiences are welcome, thanks in advance.

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    Re: 64b anyone???

    Hi Fabio. I bellieve that the most important thing is to have compatible hardware, with good driver support. If you have it, the software is workable and have some workarounds. The more important issue that the 64bit will solve, and that is important for the users of sample librarys is the max amoung of memory that you can use.
    For the software side, look in the forums for "jbridge". Is a little program that deals with the 64&32 bit issues with plugins. Is a little technical, but can help you:
    Marcelo Colina

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    Re: 64b anyone???

    Thank you very much for the link: it sounds useful.

    I had 4Gb of RAM already on my Mac, that's why it wasn't so new or surprising to me, but I understand the difference in Windows, and the Core2 Quad 2.8Gh is running quite faster than my old single processor G5....

    and yes, definitely Hardware is a key factor: my UF6 keyboard is not compatible, the glorious Tascam US-428 is freezing the system and has high latency...LOL
    I'm jurassic...

    I think i will save money for a good new D/A & MIDI interface before buying new software.

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