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Topic: oh dear - drowning...I am a newbie!! help

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    oh dear - drowning...I am a newbie!! help

    Hi I have garritan and sibelius - all I want to do is assign one decent sound for eacah instrument of a Mahler type orchestra - is there a way I can just let Garritan choose for me, rather than having to select every instrument manually? Thanks in anticipation. andker333

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    Re: oh dear - drowning...I am a newbie!! help

    Hi andker,

    Welcome to the board. This should be possible. What version of Sibelius are you using?

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    Re: oh dear - drowning...I am a newbie!! help

    Hi, andker - I bet Reegs is right, he invariably is, and he'll probably follow this up to help out more.

    BUT - I'm here because our question caught my eye. Sibelius Does do automated choices based on the instruments you ask to have in a piece--However, for the set up you want to do of a "Mahler type orchestra"--I think a lot of the fun would be in going down the score and selecting for yourself which instruments to use.

    It wouldn't take very long at all, and you'd have the pleasure of selecting what You feel would sound best for each instrument. There are so many different choices you could make, and by trial and error you could assemble the best sounding orchestra--probably better than any automated push-button orchestra would be.

    The GPO manual is good to refer to for guidance, because one does have to avoid using instruments which are derived from the samples of other instruments, otherwise you can get unwanted phasing.

    I think you'd have a better time taking the 1/2 hour or so it would take to choose your own instruments.

    Randy B.

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