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Topic: Groove lock in Omnisphere

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    Groove lock in Omnisphere


    I'm just exploring the arpeggiator of this great synth.

    I have dropped a midi file from stylus rmx into the groove lock section of omnisphere. I want to audition omnisphere sounds playing this midi file in omnisphere however when I change to the next sound the midi file in the groove lock disapears and I have to drop the midi file in again. Is there a way to lock the midi file in and then audition sounds?

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks

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    Re: Groove lock in Omnisphere

    Hi Reeasy I am also new to this synth so treat my answer with caution, but I dont think this can be done. Maybe this wis why you dont get replies

    Core i7 920, Win 7 RC 64, Cubase 5 64, Omnisphere, Trilogy, RMX, EWQLSO Plat EW Choirs, GPO, Stradivari, Gofrilla, Absynth 4, Halion 3, Kontakt3, BFD2, VSL Strings, JBridge running all 32 bit apps well.

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    Re: Groove lock in Omnisphere

    The arpeggiator settings are an integral part of each patch, so when you change the patch, that loads in a new set of arpeggiator settings. Being able to try out a variety patches while leaving the arpeggiator the same is a popular enhancement request. In the mean time, you can use the arpeggiator preset menu to copy the arpeggiator settings you want, then paste that into each patch as you browse.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Groove lock in Omnisphere

    Zero and Glenn thanks for the replies.

    I thought that may be the case, but was just checking to see there wasn't a magic switch I was missing.

    Best wishes

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