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Topic: UK 'Perelrandra' Concert performance

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    UK 'Perelrandra' Concert performance

    Just wanted to post the following link to an exciting new concert performance of an opera based on CS Lewis's ' Perelandra', composed by the English composer Donald Swann.

    It's first performance was in the 1960's and received favourable reviews, but subsequent performances were then embargoed by the sale of the film rights on Lewis's death.

    Now, free of those, a new performance is planned in Oxford on June 25th and June 26th. I'm fortunate to be singing in the chorus and would be happy to see any fellow forum members at the performance. Anyone interested, can get more informatioin and tickets though the web link.


    Thanks for reading.

    Let me know if you plan to come along!


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    Re: UK 'Perelrandra' Concert performance

    Very interesting, Ian!--Thanks for the info - I visited the site you posted, and found my way to a podcast which features a conversation during rehearsals of "Perelandra," bits of the score heard in the background. Fascinating - both the story of C. S. Lewis's book, and the history of this obscure opera.

    Donald Swann - popular "Drop Of A Hat" songwriter, wishing he could be remembered for his more serious work, such as this. A typical yet poignant plight of composers - like Sir Arthur Sullivan who wished that his opera "Ivanhoe" would be his claim to fame, rather than the likes of "The Mikado" and the other "fluff" he collaborated on with writing partner W. S. Gilbert.

    The interviewer says the show's being done in quite an old, Victorian church of some sort which is a bit foreboding from the outside, twisted metal work around the windows and things like that. Sounds deliciously atmospheric to this romantically inclined American!

    Well, I live in Oregon, the U.S., and won't be hopping on a jet to catch the show--But I'm glad to now know about it. Thanks for the post!


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