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Topic: orchestra for Metal song

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    orchestra for Metal song

    So this might be a little different for this forum, but I used GPO to make an orchestra section for a metal song I'm working on. I only have the GPO section at the beginning of the song. The song has a long intro, and I was hoping to keep it interesting by adding an orchestra.

    This is just a first draft I did tonight, so I'm sure I'll change it up more later, but any thoughts and suggestions are always helpful.

    Boz Millar

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    Re: orchestra for Metal song

    You have my full and undivided attention

    I like the intro you have done, shades of Metallica, nice.

    I would suggest turning the orchestra up a little and running it all the way through the song and backing up the band, it will give the song a nice full feeling.
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    Re: orchestra for Metal song

    Howdy, Boz - I love it when musical genres not often heard from here in The Listening Room make an appearance, so thanks right away for this post simply on the basis of it being a fresh experience.

    Some great sounding production values in this!--quite impressive Guitar work.

    For me, the hypnotic effect of two chords being the foundation for such a big chunk of this gets uninteresting after awhile, but the insistent repetition in some rock styles like this has never grabbed me, so that's just my personal taste thing.

    I totally agree with Hippie that your orchestra needs to come up in the mix and could be used throughout the whole song. What you have seems good, just too low and tentative sounding as a result.

    I think maybe, as in an earlier post from you, that you're not feeling as confident as you'd like to in your use of the orchestra. I think you should just GO AT it, with the same gusto you apply to your Guitar.

    It's a neat concept, now more full throttle!


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    Re: orchestra for Metal song

    This seems to be my standard procedure. First I make a song and put it up here. Eveyone says the orchestra needs to come up, I turn it up, and it sounds better.

    I'll be less reluctant to turn it up this time.

    As for doing the whole song, my only issue is that it would be way too much work. It's a long song, clocking in at 12 min or so, and the rest of it is a lot less uncomplicated. I think it's a good idea, I'm just not sure I'm up to it yet.
    Boz Millar

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    Re: orchestra for Metal song

    Hello again, Boz

    Your new post inspires me to play Devil's Advocate for a moment:

    "...that it would be way too much work..."

    And your music isn't worth the work? - I don't think you can really mean that it'd be "too much work" to do even more with the orchestra. You've just gone through a long haul working on this project up to now, and you're having a hard time picturing yourself putting even More time into it. I understand that--everyone here can relate to that.

    BUT we always buck up and continue with doing more work, because we know how satisfying it is to end up with something we really have put our biggest effort into.

    It's good to get used to a project like to take us weeks to do. Months sometimes.

    "...It's a long song, clocking in at 12 min or so..."

    Yes, that's very long. Are you sure all 12 of those minutes are needed? Are you sure it wouldn't have a stronger impact if it wasn't more like the average 3:00 length for songs?--There's a reason pieces in most every genre average around 3 minutes - No matter how great the music is, it's almost impossible to sustain an audience's attention longer than that.

    SO, maybe part of the process in finishing this piece is take a good long look, as objectively as possible, and at least experiment with shorter versions. Maybe you don't need 2 minutes of those two repeating chords at the beginning for instance--maybe 15 seconds or so would set the rest up just fine, enough for the listener to then want to move on.

    Very glad to see you say that you'll be less reluctant to get those orchestras more Up in your mix next time! Confidence, me lad. That's what we all need in order to produce bold things.


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    Re: orchestra for Metal song

    Hey, rbowser, you have some good points here. Reasons I think it would take more time than it’s worth:

    1)My arranging skills are up to the point where I could really put down what I would envision for this song. I’ve been focusing my GPOing on trying to learn to make it sound good. Once I have that down, I’m going to focus on getting my arranging skills up to par. I have a bit more work to do in the “sounds good” department, but I think I’m getting closer.

    2)This song really would be a long process. Given my arranging skills, I’d probably have to go through the song a few times before I ended up happy with something, and being a long song, I think this is not the best song to experiment on, although it would be a good learning experience, I think starting off smaller would get me where I want to be faster. I also don’t want to get to the end of the song and look back at it and think “meh, that was ok.”

    3)Time really is an issue. Between work, wife and kids, I really only have a couple hours a week, if that, to record anything at all. Finishing this song in a timely manner would require sacrificing one of those things, and to me, that’s not worth it.

    4)Until I find someone to sing this song, I really don’t know how good of a song it will be. The singer will make or break the song, and given my luck in finding singers in the past, I’ve all but given up hope.

    5)Yes, 12 min is a long song. Once I find someone to sing it, I’ll have a better gauge of what parts need to be cut out or shortened. Plus, we metalheads are kind of used to hearing long drawn out songs. I’m sure parts will be cut out, but that will come later.

    And actually I think you’re right about the beginning making you lose interest. The idea behind the orchestra was to make the intro build more and more tension and thus keeping the attention of the listener. I don’t think I quite pulled it off. I don’t think the brass is doing it’s job, and I think the strings are too redundant. I think if there was more of a melody to it, it would be better. I’ll have to go back and do some re-arranging. Sadly, I think that almost means starting over again, but it’s all in the name of learning to arrange songs, so I’m not too worried about it.
    Boz Millar

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    Re: orchestra for Metal song

    Yo Boz. I love the Metallica-esque opening. Absolutely awesome. This is definitely out of character with what you normally hear here, but it's definitely a good change of pace!
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    May the Fourth Be With You

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    Re: orchestra for Metal song

    I'll take the easy way out and say I agree with everything said here

    Actually, if you think of orchestrating the whole thing (which you should), don't do what you did at the beginning - it would be out of character. You should have big horn blasts on occasion, the whole orchestra echoing some of the guitar lines, maybe parts similar to the beginning showing up for just a moment before being over run by the heavier guitar work, etc.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: orchestra for Metal song

    ok, here's a reworked and slightly louder version.


    I have been trying to think of ways to get the orchestra through the whole song. I agree with what trentpmcd said.

    If I make the the orchestra present through the whole song, it will be more in the background and more sparse through most of the song, probably creeping up now and again, but not really doing much but being filler. I can probably let it loose on the chours a bit, and maybe on the last harmonizing guitar solo, but other than that, it will take a back seat. I think doing this will make it more manageable and sound more consistent.
    Boz Millar

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    Re: orchestra for Metal song

    That's better Boz.

    I'll send you my phone number, I do orchestra backing of New Age and Rock tracks.
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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