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Topic: Movin parts between tracks in Cubasis

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    Movin parts between tracks in Cubasis

    Here is a question for anyone around who still remember Cubasis VST, or older versions of Cubase

    I often want to move part of what is played by one instrument to another instrument. This means I have to be able to cut from one track and paste into another. How is this done in Cubasis VST 5.0 (may be the same in Cubase)? I have tried to colour the parts and open them in the same key editor. I manage to cut a part from a track and paste it into another track by using the "Go to" function, but the problem is that I don't seem able to control where it lands, so to say. I would like to have it at exactly the same place in the song, but I can't figure out how this is done. Any suggestions?

    Another thing I have been wondering about is whether it is possible to have several key edit windows simultaneuosly open (containing data of different tracks)? Would be easier to distinguish what belongs where.

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    Re: Movin parts between tracks in Cubasis

    Set quantize to appropriate value ( 1/8 or 1/4 note)
    R-click somewhere empty. A menu will appear.
    Select the scissor tool
    Click on either side of the section you want to copy.
    Hold Alt key and drag the cut section to the new track
    R-click and select the glue tool
    Click on the original track to glue it back together

    If you screw up, use undo (CTRL Z) and try again


    btw - if you copy and paste into a track, it will land on the timeline, wherever the PLAY cursor is. You can type an exact bar and beat into the transport control.

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