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Topic: I feel like a monkey with a gun

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    Question I feel like a monkey with a gun

    So my quest for understanding the great mysteries of the world just to another turn since I reinstalled my copy of Sonar 7 PE and found that I pretty much forgot all about using the program. I'm having trouble getting my settings right. The thing is that when I play a note with GPO through Kontakt the sound get all weird. It goes something like this: Ding--buzz--buzz-buzz-buzz, for as long as the note i sustained (the 'ding' being the actual note and the buzz being, well, buzzes.) As the sound of the note fades, so does the buzzes, it's like a buzzy echo.

    I know I've had this problem before and I think it had something to do with the time it takes for the sound to do something to something within something.., or something..

    Yup, like a monkey with a gun.

    I know I'm being fuzzy, but I know there's a simple solution to this, you've helped me with this before Please do so again and I'll be forever grateful.
    Regards Danial Zainali
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    Re: I feel like a monkey with a gun

    I sympathize, Felix - Getting things set up in an app like Sonar so that you don't have crazy, impractical latency, and without getting audio drop outs, without getting static and stuttering playback--it seems to take forever.

    I've heard what you're describing - It's all I ever get when I try to use the WDM audio driver - I don't know how people manage to get their buffers set right so that it works. ASIO driver is the only way I've gotten things smoothly working in Sonar.


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    Re: I feel like a monkey with a gun

    Interesting ... I've never had any luck with Sonar and ASIO but my WDM is awesome.
    I suspect it's more related to the sound card one uses than to Sonar.

    Anyway ... if you're getting buzz with WDM try ASIO ... if you're getting buzz with ASIO try WDM.

    Buffer settings: ( as in 4.0.2 but probably the same place is 7 )
    Options > Audio > Advanced > I/O Buffer Size (kb)

    128 is the default. Most recommend upping to 256.
    More will give you more flexibility before problems. 128,256,512, etc.

    Synchronization : "Trigger and Freewheel" is more flexible.

    Make sure you run Wave Profiler.

    General Tab:
    Set your Audio Driver Bit depth to 24.
    Set your default settings for new projects as you need.
    Mine are at 44 and 24.

    If you're using WDM try setting your latency slider a bit higher to see if that cures the problems.

    Sorry, I can't advise you about how to tweak ASIO latency.

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    Re: I feel like a monkey with a gun

    I'd love to help, but it's always so frustrating trying to share tips when you know everybody has a different sound card, driver, system, and general setup.

    First suspects are usually your driver and background processes. How clean is your system? Some drivers (mine for example) have issues if you're even connected to the internet!

    You mention that GPO through Kontakt is garbled. What about other instrument libraries through Kontakt? Or other soft synths? How are they sounding?
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    Re: I feel like a monkey with a gun

    Hello to all on this thread.

    Steve, what you posted seems like the perfect and succinct run down of how to deal with audio settings in Sonar. Thanks for posting that.

    At the end you said you didn't know about tweaking Asio - It's just the same as you described. In the Audio options tab in Sonar, there's a tab that'll take you straight to the actual interface of your sound card so you can adjust settings there.

    Besides thanking you for that, I also wanted to point out to Felix that whether or not you have an Asio or WDM driver available depends on your audio device. My earlier post may have been confusing on that point - so wanted to clear that up. As I've said, WDM didn't work very well for me in the past, but now my current sound card/audio interface, the Alesis io|2 doesn't have a WDM driver to choose from - it's strictly Asio, so I wouldn't be able to experiment with WDM on that unit. I'm perfectly happy with my smooth playback and 6ms latency, so I don't have concerns.

    BUt if you Google up the topic of WDM and Asio, you'll see tons of info online. I just now did that - lots of "WDM Vs. Asio" stuff. You'll see that Asio is the industry standard, that WDM has been described as the "Windows Asio wannabe" - But you'll find people having equal success with both kinds of drivers. It seems to depend on machines on an individual basis--Some work better with one or the other. Generally people feel short latencies are more available with Asio. BUT, it's all moot if your card doesn't allow you to try both.


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    Re: I feel like a monkey with a gun

    Yes. It's seems to be card related.
    My latency with WDM is 1.5ms.
    The best I can get withasio is about 10ms.


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