To the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of SNORCHAT fans worldwide and intergalactic:

Snor's son is in Chicago at some Anime-something, Mrs. Snor is at work, and Snor's daughter is watching her 76957th episode of DeGrassi, featuring the world's most spoiled and dysfunctional there won't be any Father's Day celebrations until later (if at all) at Chez Snorlax...

Instead, we can all celebrate the majesty of SUNDAY SNORCHAT!! 4pm Indianapolis time...

Please come and join the party.

To accomodate all of you, the admins have graciously agreed to open rooms SNORCHAT1 through SNORCHAT478. Please, however, take great care to honor the admins' request that all discussion of Kierkegaard's writings be confined to room 3.

Please take a break from whatever you are doing and take a brief yet enthralling visit to the world of SUNDAY SNORCHAT!!

REMEMBER: "It may not be official or sanctioned chat, but etLux often speaks there of eating chicken."