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Topic: Thankjs Scarbee

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    Thankjs Scarbee

    At the risk of coming across like a major brown-noser, I just want to say thanks to Thomas for the gift he put together for the J-Slap users.

    rant [on]

    I won\'t get to try it for a couple of days, but it blows me away that he\'s gone to this kind of trouble for a product which is already on store shelves and has proven itself.

    It\'s far more than a few extra articulations or demo midi files - 400+ lovingly crafted samples to complement one of the best basses on the planet!

    I can\'t ever remember a company which made money from its sounds being willing to put time and money into creating this sized gift for what must be a fairly cosy group of users.

    It just goes to show that Thomas, as are many developers, is driven by his love of music as much as by his need to pay the rent

    rant [off]

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    Re: Thankjs Scarbee

    I wish you didn\'t live in Australia! I would buy you a beer right now...

    The main reason for the expansion paks are the fact that I am a \"Scarbee Bass Library user\" myself - and have very high standards when I use the library... If I can\'t do what I want, then it is time for an update!

    But thanks a lot, Chadwick.



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