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Topic: Best Vintage Keyboards

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    Best Vintage Keyboards

    I am looking to buy a good samples of
    rhodes, wurly and other Vintage keyboards

    I am thinking of Universal Audio Vintage keys
    or Motu Vintage keys or Scarby.

    Which sounds the best?????

    thanks for the help

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    Re: Best Vintage Keyboards

    i use the Scarbee stuff and it sounds fab.
    Highly detailed with a very warm and organic sound.
    Havent tried the two others that you mentioned but dont feel any need to improve because i cannot imagine that there is any room for improvement.

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    Re: Best Vintage Keyboards

    Same here. Hans got it right!

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    Re: Best Vintage Keyboards

    Scarbee +10
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    Re: Best Vintage Keyboards

    I'm with Scarbee too! Also... SampleTek has a rhodes and a wurlie that is recorded through the amp. It's on sale as well.

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    Re: Best Vintage Keyboards

    I love Sampletekk's Tubed Wurly, a Wurlitzer played through a Fender Amp, just the way I used to.
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