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Topic: What a Bunch of Whiners!

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    What a Bunch of Whiners!

    I\'ve been reading a lot of these threads, and I have to say that quite a few of you sound quite childish and mean-spirited. I should think that talented musicians would aspire to being more kind-hearted and contructive with their muse being that of the art of music. However, it seems that rather than getting to the business of creating such music, I keep seeing unsolicited destructive comments from many of the members here making me think that some of you don\'t have anything better to do than to rank on each other. Why can\'t y\'all be more mutually supportive? Didn\'t anyone ever teach you that \"If you don\'t have anything nice to say, then don\'t say anythng at all.\"?

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    Re: What a Bunch of Whiners!

    Funny, that\'s not really a very positive , or \"nice\" comment!

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    Re: What a Bunch of Whiners!

    Actually, if you look hard enuff, there are some quite kind and generous people on these forums, from library developers like Scarbee, to pro users like Bruce Richardson -and they\'ve usually got something valuable that they\'re willing to share with the rest of us.

    On the other hand, I suppose it\'s difficult to expect all the posts to be sweetness and light, when a fair percentage of those visiting these forums are here because Bill Gates and his evil minions have gotten between them and their music...

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    Re: What a Bunch of Whiners!

    Different forums have different people on them. I\'ll agree with Chadwick... there are some nice people here. But the Giga community is all business and no play. So there\'s no friendships sparking here. During the past 12 months I\'ve made some good friends on other forums but after about 24 months here.... squidly ditt. But, hey, I\'m not complaining... I\'m merely observing.

    So pop in here to voice a complaint or write an observation, or perhaps even to help someone out of the kindness of your own heart. But don\'t expect a community from a bunch of people who\'d rather be alone when they make it to the top. After all who\'s name do you see next to Hans Zimmers? His invisible friend?

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    Re: What a Bunch of Whiners!

    Chadwick, you hit on the head with the Gates\' evil empire.

    How do we do it? How do so many people world-wide invest in faulty crap so that it grows into an unstoppable norm. Then a bunch of other crap-developers make more crap that \"enhances\" the initial crap creating a monstrous pile of....crap.

    Gosh, it smells in here. I better stop while I\'m ahead.

    Sorry to be negative. I guess i\'m one of those negatives guys that the negative guy who started this post was referring to.

    Think positive.

    Giga, I\'ll be your friend.

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    Re: What a Bunch of Whiners!

    Hi gigaDiga:

    I will be your friend too . Actually I have made some friends here which I like very much. I should be possible to make friends when we share interests like this.



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    Re: What a Bunch of Whiners!

    I think the forum is very precious. The majority of comments is serious and helps a lot to orientate.

    Like in real life there are also low quality contributions but here this is fairly limited.

    I am not a supporter of a \"culture of harmony\". I think this is a place to openly discuss issues and
    - also -
    to challenge the manufacturers of hard- and software to make the sampling products become better and better for the users to benefit from that.

    The most important rule is to do it with some sort of style and fairness. I think this works here.


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    Re: What a Bunch of Whiners!


    Here is my 2 cents : I know this is business....but, there are beginners who want to share knowledge with other people (I know beginners don\'t know as much as we do, but hey, everyone us us, even Ethan Winner, was a beginner once, and they got help from other people)....as for me, I\'m a beginner in Gigastudio stuff, but not in musical knowledge.. I\'m asking for your advice on libraries because I don\'t have that much cash to buy a 1000$ US library (I\'m Canadian btw), and because I compose for my own pleasure, not to sell.

    Point is, it\'s not because we\'re here for business , or we\'re on the web, that there are no human contact....so I say, let\'s help each other , and if somebody post something that feels ridiculous for you, think that is might be a beginner, and he needs help....


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    Re: What a Bunch of Whiners!

    Tell you what though, all in all this is a great forum. I\'ve not experienced a sampler forum like this ever before. You KNOW you can find answers here anytime. Also, for the most part, we all just wanna see GIGASTUDIO develop to the best it can be. We love it, and the criticisms are often made in the name wanting to improve it, or improve someone\'s orchestral writing, or whatever.

    Hmmm, however, now I remember some very touchy stuff going on in a number of threads!!

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    Re: What a Bunch of Whiners!

    Strange, I would have said this is a fairly friendly community, all in all - I\'ve seen plenty of forums on the web where there\'s a *whole lot* more anger on a very regular basis. I don\'t know about lifelong friendships being formed here, but there\'s certainly a lot of helpful people.

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