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Topic: random modulation?

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    random modulation?

    ive been using the random modulation source for different patches and it puts in a random number every note played like it should, but ive noticed on some patches in omnisphere that the random modulation does not go off every time i hit a key it changes constantly and automaticly, i cant figure out how to do this and havent found anything in the manual on it.
    any help with this is much appreciated.

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    Re: random modulation?

    Likely the Random (Sample & Hold) waveform in the LFO. Check out the LFO chapter in the Ref Guide.

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    Re: random modulation?

    thanks eric, didnt expect to get a reply from the maker himself, glad to see your so dedicated to helping your customers.

    btw any idea when the next set of video tutorials will be released?

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    Re: random modulation?

    There's a bunch of new tutorials in progress, probably released in the fall.

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    Re: random modulation?

    awsome, im 17 and feel like a kid in a candy store with this synth!

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    Re: random modulation?

    Lucky you to have Omnisphere at 17.
    When I was 17 I had a new Korg 700 and it cost more than Omnisphere does.

    Neil B
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