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Topic: composers in movies?

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    composers in movies?

    Amadeus with Mozart and Le roi danse with Lully. That's all I know. Does anyone know any other?
    Regards Danial Zainali
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    Re: composers in movies?

    There's Immortal Beloved and Copying Beethoven with Beethoven. There's the Russian film Tchiakovsky with Tchaikovsky. I'm sure there are plenty more, but those are the ones I've seen.

    Nothing beats Amadeus though.
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    Re: composers in movies?

    do you mean movies about composers, or movies that have scores taken from previous composers?
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: composers in movies?

    There should definitely be more in this category.

    I just saw the documentary on Wild Man Fisher, does that count? (Fascinating, by the way.)
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    Re: composers in movies?

    I remember an English film on Tsaichovsky, and a film about Chopin....and a documentary on Pucini...

    also have seen plays about Schoenberg, and Stravinsky...

    On the other hand, When Arnold Schwarzenegger was asked to pick a German composer that he would want to play in a film, he answered: I'll be Bach!

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    Re: composers in movies?

    There's an ok biopic of Glenn Miller - I think James Stuart was Glenn. There's one about Grieg, called Song of Norway, which is ridiculously Hollwoodised, and several about Gilbert and Sullivan.

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    Re: composers in movies?

    What about Ken Russell? He's made almost half his career on films about composers. A quick rundown on IMDB finds this:

    "Elgar" (1962)
    "Portrait of a Soviet Composer" (1963) - Prokofiev
    "Bartok" (1964)
    "The Debussy Film" (1965)
    "Don't Shoot the Composer" (1966) - Georges Delerue
    "Song of Summer" (1968) - Frederick Delius
    "Dance of the Seven Veils" (1970) - Richard Strauss
    "The Music Lovers" (1970) - Tchaikovsky
    "Mahler" (1974)
    "Listzomania" (1975) - Listz
    "The Planets" (1983) - Holst
    "Ralph Vaughn Williams" (1986)
    "Ken Russell's ABC of British Music" (1988)
    "The Strange Affliction of Anton Bruckner" (1990)
    "The Secret Life of Arnold Bax" (1992)
    "The Mystery of Dr. Martinu" (1993) - Bohuslav Martinu
    "Elgar: Fantasy of a Composer on a Bicycle" (2002)

    True a lot of these were made for television and are hard to find, but "The Music Lovers" is perhaps Russell's greatest film and essential viewing. Russell hired John Corigliano to score "Altered States" after hearing his clarinet concerto in concert. So this is a man who knows his music. Plus, if you don't know Russell's films, he is a director unafraid to go way out there...

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    Re: composers in movies?

    There's also the films of Tony Palmer including Hindemith, Wagner, Purcell and so on
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    Re: composers in movies?

    Here are a few movies about composers:

    Immortal Beloved
    Song of Scheherzade
    Gesualdo Death for Five Voices
    The chronicles of Anna Magdalena Bach
    Tous les matins du monde
    Beethoven Lives Upstairs
    Kompozitor Glinka
    God rot Turnbridge Wells
    Le roi danse
    A Song of Summer
    Night and Day
    Magic Fire
    Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould
    A Song to Remember
    Rhapsody in Blue - the George Gershwin story
    Death in Venice
    Spring Symphony
    Song of Norway
    Testimony about Shostakovich
    Duet for One
    Song of Love
    Song Without End
    The Music Lovers
    The Great Waltz
    Blossom Time

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    Re: composers in movies?

    boy, have I been missing out Thanks a lot. Now I'll be occupied all summer (maybe I should move my TV outside?)
    Regards Danial Zainali
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