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Topic: Scarbee Bass VSTi

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    Scarbee Bass VSTi

    I would like to know your experience with Scarbee Bass instruments (Black Bass, Red Bass, etc.).
    How playable are they and how difficult (or easy) is it to program them?
    How are they sound-wise and everything else you think is important to konw.
    I'm looking into something like the Black Bass D.I.

    Thanks in advance for the information.

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    Re: Scarbee Bass VSTi

    I just bought the blue Bass for Kontakt and I think it is terrific.
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    Re: Scarbee Bass VSTi

    The Scarbee basses are very easy to use. You just play and let the script do the rest most of the time. The only exceptions are the slides where you need to hit the sustainpedal at the right moment or the keyswitches for the stringselection when you want a certain note to be played on a certain string.
    Sound is great.
    You will need Kontakt from NI to play the sounds.

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    Re: Scarbee Bass VSTi

    I have the Red Bass (long-time J Slap-n-Fingered user) and love it - the scripting is superb and playability is very immediate. I've had to do some practicing in order to switch between the slapped and fingered approaches - but that's more about me listening to *real* players to hear how hey handle that idiomatically. SCARBEE's basses make it about as easy as can be to make things sound dead on - and get from inspiration to finished track in a very respectable time.
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    Re: Scarbee Bass VSTi

    Thank you all for the responses.
    I didn't know that the library doesn't come with a Kontakt player.
    So I need to purchase Kontakt seperately? That's a big turn off.

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    Re: Scarbee Bass VSTi

    Yes, unfortunately you need Kontakt 2 or 3 in order to play those instruments.
    Other than that, they sound great, they can be programmed very easily if you want total control over the sound, and it does make a difference if you think a little like a player (which string to play, what position and so on). But if you are in a hurry, the script is good enough.
    The problem arises when it comes to the slides. Most of the times if you want to do a large slide (an octave for example), you will need to manually input the startup note (which string should it start from), otherwise the script will probably play a note on a fret/string that does not have enough space to go up or down an octave on the bass. But if you master the technique, you will be able to do double slides and even chord slides on the fly…
    You can program other things too, like pickup hits and release noises with cc, something that adds a lot to the realism.
    The most difficult part (for me) is to program the harmonics. They are mapped to the string/fret where they are played on a real bass and not where they would normally sound on the keyboard. Therefore, you will definitely need to input the string that you want to be stoked, for each note. For example, key-switch the A string, input a C (the one that correspond of the 3rd fret) and you get a high E note.
    The Blue Bass has a bit “dirtier” sound than the Black Bass, if you want a “clean” sound go with the Black one. The DI version gives you the option to amplify the sound however you like with a plugin…

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    Re: Scarbee Bass VSTi

    My first thought when i purchased Black Bass was that this is how sampled instruments were supposed to be. Playable, fun, expressive. Whatever keyswitching is involved is extremely simple to learn how to execute, IMO. Slides, glisses, and trills are easy to do and sound great. You can sound like a great bass player from your keyboard. (I guess that's what every virtual instrument claims about their products, but this time it's true.) And Blue Bass is great, too, just has a different sound.

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