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Topic: Danny Elfman Choir

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    Danny Elfman Choir

    Im looking for some choir libraries that would be similar to the choir sound of Elfmans Christmasy Choir (Scissorhands etc). I have Symphonic Choirs and VOTA and Omnisphere but cant seem to get very close. I realize I wont get close but am looking for something similar. thanks for any advice/help.

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    Re: Danny Elfman Choir

    You should check out Bela Media's offerings. I always felt their voice libraries had some of that sound.

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    Lightbulb Re: Danny Elfman Choir

    This comes up once in a while. You could also use a library Elfman has actually used. Try:
    I have long lusted for this library, but I could never bring myself up to paying $500 dollars for a, what (?), 10 year old library, good as it is. Common Eric, when are you going to lower the price??
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    Re: Danny Elfman Choir

    I've had Symphony of Voices for many years, and I still love it and stick up for it when people suggest it's outdated. OK it doesn't have wordbuilding, but the basic sound is still the best choir IMHO.

    On the other hand, if I had none of my libraries, and could only buy one to get the Elfman sound, I'd go for Giovani every time. It's recorded with slightly slow attack, so you won't be able to sing Carol of the Bells or anything, but the Edward Scissorhands sound is do-able.

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    Re: Danny Elfman Choir

    Quote Originally Posted by dwdonehoo View Post
    I could never bring myself up to paying $500 dollars for a, what (?), 10 year old library.
    2nd this.

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    Re: Danny Elfman Choir

    Symphony of Voices is included inside Omnisphere, so that's a much better way to get that library - since you get ALL of what Omnisphere offers for the same price.

    To the original poster: So inside Omnisphere, you actually already have the same exact children's choir samples that Danny Elfman himself has used many times in his scores. :-)

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    Re: Danny Elfman Choir

    Eric, are you saying that the entire S.O.V. is in Omnisphere or just some of it?
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    Re: Danny Elfman Choir

    Wow, I'm surprised by the great amount of choir patches in Omnisphere:

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    Re: Danny Elfman Choir

    You could try Myriad Harmony Assistant with Virtual Singer.
    So you will be able to sing lyrics in different languages.
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    Re: Danny Elfman Choir

    Thanks for the info regarding the choir in OMNISPHERE. Just out of interest are there two collections called "HUMAN VOICES" in OMNISPHERE? It's one with 374 patches and another with 394 patches.

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