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Topic: Is GPO ARIA Being Worked On?

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    Is GPO ARIA Being Worked On?

    Can anyone confirm if the GPO ARIA (GPO4?) is even being worked on and if it will eventually be released?
    No updates since the new policy so it's impossible to know what's happening. Will it be out this year? How high is it on the priority list of the Garritan company?


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    Re: Is GPO ARIA Being Worked On?

    Yes, it is currently being beta tested. It will be released when it is ready. I don't think it will be too far off.

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    Re: Is GPO ARIA Being Worked On?

    I completely agree with Gary's new policy, but it only works when there are no statements as opposed to a sudden cessation of statements regarding a product that was supposedly imminent.

    Going forward, great policy. For now, actual information please.

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    Re: Is GPO ARIA Being Worked On?

    the manual is being proofed and edited,
    so that tells us that the software is just
    about ready for replication....


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    Re: Is GPO ARIA Being Worked On?

    Yes it is certainly under vigorous beta scrutiny, and the manual is being developed, but I must warn everybody (And I hope this isn't giving anything away)...

    It still doesn't make coffee.

    Wait - I don't drink coffee...

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    Re: Is GPO ARIA Being Worked On?

    Is there a single note demo ready yet?

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    Re: Is GPO ARIA Being Worked On?

    Wow, I've never seen so many moderators chiming in at the same time. This is way Cool! That's what's great about moderators...next best thing to Gary. And none of you are subject to the NEWT syndrome! Which means you can tell us all kinds of stuff. See, Kevin tells us it's being beta tested, which means it's no longer just a figment of me own wicked and insane imagination. And Dan...well, Dan you are as close to God in the mastering world so we know you wouldn't succumb to those wicked NEWT critters. Manuals are being proofed...way cool! And Dear Alan....it doesn't make coffee!!! How cool is that? No, wait a minute. I drink coffee!!! You mean to tell me the new GPO4 won't make coffee?!? Damn! You have no idea how much I was looking forward to sampling some Garritan coffee brew on ARIA! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

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    Re: Is GPO ARIA Being Worked On?

    Quote Originally Posted by AlanPerkins View Post
    It still doesn't make coffee.

    But it does do Earl Grey

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    Re: Is GPO ARIA Being Worked On?

    What have I DONE???

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    Re: Is GPO ARIA Being Worked On?

    In all seriousness, I think I can safely tell you that there has been a lot of meticulous attention to detail - the beta process has been robust and has made sure that the initial release is as fine a product as anyone could hope for, living up to the standards we have come to trust from Gary and his team.

    I can assure you the beta team has been working hard and these dedicated people have been pouring their passion for these fine instruments and related tools into GPO Aria to make it worth the wait.

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