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Topic: House of Mirrors

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    House of Mirrors (etlux III)

    This is the final part of my experiments with the new synth created by David Sosnowski (etlux).

    The first half of this part is GPO (2 Violins and a cello) and a FREE VST I just found at Yellow Tools. The free VST is called Independence Free and sounds great for the price. The program comes with 2 gbs of sounds which is pretty good for free. This one uses guitars, bass, a synth and a drum kit from it.

    The second half is GPO and David's new synth.

    David's synth can be found at SSynth.com :: Sosnowski Synthesizer

    I see this as kind of a battle followed by some recuperation/repair time. So it is basically 2 pieces that I put together.

    My new piece can be found here

    etlux express III Plus.mp3 - File Shared from Box.net - Free Online File Storage

    The other 2 experiments/movements are

    etlux express II.mp3 - File Shared from Box.net - Free Online File Storage

    etlux express.mp3 - File Shared from Box.net - Free Online File Storage
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    Re: House of Mirrors

    I kept waiting to hear the words screamed, "WIPE OUT!" somewhere in the beginning of this. This really wierd stuff...and I LIKE IT! Are you sure Lon Chaney is not lurking in that synth somewhere?

    ~Very Interesting~
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
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    Re: House of Mirrors


    I remixed this piece for way too many hours and finally gave up on it. But most of that time was just playing around with the free synth.

    It is a weird one but I also kinda like it.


    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: House of Mirrors

    I don't like to be a bringer of negativity, so I want you to understand fully what I mean when I say this. I personally did not like this very much. That's not to say it was bad. I listened to the musicality of it, and that part, as usual was quite impressive. The style is just not my preference. I do hope you understand, that you did excellent for the genre you were aiming for, just not my place.
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    Re: House of Mirrors

    Wow! Ron...I really liked the first part of this piece. It's like a heavy-metal band on LSD in the House of chaos or the Who smashing their instruments or such. Despite the genre of music I usually don't like, I like this one very much. I repeat again from my last post, you are really good at using the synth with other instruments. This is absolutely the antithesis of the piece I'm about to post....guess that's why I like it so much. I can see this easily being used in a video game. Great job.


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    Re: House of Mirrors

    I like it, but it is not my favorite of the three. Some hard hitting experimental rock together with some interesting electronica. Anyway, I enjoyed this.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: House of Mirrors


    One of the great things about music, is that we don't all have to like the same things. Thanks for the listen and the comments.


    This piece was a bear to get close to what I wanted. On one of my computers and my cd player it sounds right. On another one it sounds like a wall of sound with little definition. My guess is that it sounds right on your machine.

    As always, I look forward to your next one.


    Thanks for listening

    THanks guys

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: House of Mirrors

    Holy mackerel! What a ride... rofl! Loved it!

    Ron you're going to have to teach me how to
    use that thing (SSynth)... no kidding, I don't
    think I could get anywhere near what you're
    getting out of it!

    Even in the slower section -- this whole avenue
    seems to really be a stylistic goldmine for you.

    My best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: House of Mirrors

    Hiya, Ron

    You and I have talked so much via email about the Independence sample machine/library, and your experiments with it--I felt like I'd responded to "Mirrors," when actually all that was in our email. OK, so you've gotten my more detailed response directly, but here I am on da Forum with some more reaction.

    Basically I find this one a "worthy experiment." Layers of distorted power chords on guitars for so long a period tend to make my bad tooth flare up, so right away this piece isn't in my favorite genre category.

    It's great to listen to genres which aren't our faves though--why demand that we Love everything we hear and see, and arrange that by censoring our experiences? Good question hmmm?

    I feel "Mirrors" doesn't add up as well as your other compositions, and it feels like two disparate pieces spliced together, with the very different sound in the first half and the second half.

    BUT I know this was all done within a very short time after you discovered the Very cool Independence. You jumped in using it with Gusto--I'll grant you that!

    Now I look forward to hearing you blend Independence with your other libraries in a more---what?--more Edifying way--how's that?

    I always enjoy the trips you go on and on which you take us, always at least on some levels--sometimes on more levels than other times.

    Thanks, PAL.


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    Re: House of Mirrors


    I have the feeling you were laughing while listening to this one. I do everytime I do, so join the club. This piece brings back some great memories. And as a proud owner of your new synth, I enjoy playing with it. But in case you weren't sure, only the second half of this one uses your synth. Those grungey power chords in the first half are from Independence Free.


    I told you I was looking for a specific sound and feel to this one after palying with it for a while.

    I finally figured out what that sound was. You almost said it or maybe you did and I wasn't paying attention.

    I have been a member of a few garage bands and miss those days of chugging beer and playing non-sensical music. This piece, or at least the first half, brings those feelings back for me.

    The good thing about you posting in this thread is that it will stick around a while longer which will force me to work more on my latest and get all of the cc data right instead of posting it first and then doing the rest of the work.

    Is that the real reason you posted? Just kidding of course. That is more like something David would do. He has told me a few times that I rush to posting when there is actually more work to be done.

    Thanks guys

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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