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Topic: Missing GPO studio

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    Question Missing GPO studio

    I like the layout of KP2. However, it was much more complicated to install than GPO studio was, and I have no ambiance settings like GPO did. Is there a way I can control the ambiance?

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    Re: Missing GPO studio

    Hi Aliven,

    Welcome to the board!

    Yeah, KP2 is more complicated than GPO Studio, but you get a slew of new options effects. There is no Ambience reverb, but KP2 comes with both traditional and convolution reverb effects algorithms. To access them:

    1. Click on the Outputs button on the top of the interface
    2. Your outputs will show up at the bottom of the screen. Click the Show Inserts button if you cannot see four drop-down slots above the meter.
    3. St.1 is the default stereo out. From the dropdown you can add whichever effects you like to it or any other channel.
    4. Double-click on the inserted effect or click the Edit Effect toggle button to tweak its parameters.

    Hope that helps!


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