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Topic: Mono Piano Possible?

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    Mono Piano Possible?

    I am playing with a new band that runs a mono IEM system. Thus, the Standard Steinway sounds fine in the FOH, but sounds weird and phasey in the IEMs (as all stereo samples do when summed to mono).

    Is there any way to get a mono piano sound out of GAS? I would rather hear a more pleasing sound in the IEMs than have a stereo sound in FOH, as most audience members won't notice the benefits of imaging in the stereo field anyway.


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    Re: Mono Piano Possible?

    Hi, Davin

    I can't test the circumstances of your live gig, but you made me curious how the Steinway would sound with its channels summed.

    With an instance loaded in Sonar I did two quick tests. The first was to have the interleave of the piano's output channel switched to mono. It sounded the same, no phasing, just mono.

    My second test was to use Cakewalk's Channel Tools to sum the two channels to mono - same results, no phasing.

    But I really don't know if those tests produce the same results as when outputs are piped through a sound system.

    I'm also not clear if you actually have the stereo channels available and would just prefer mono playback in the FOH, or if mono is really the only choice. I think you mean that stereo actually is available, because you said the audience won't notice the benefits of stereo. Hmm- My advice is to run it in stereo at the center position, it's really just a subtle difference from mono, with 3D ambience around the sound. It doesn't matter what the monitors sound like to you, does it?


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    Re: Mono Piano Possible?

    It is already stereo in the FOH, but I just hate listening to a phased summed-to-mono signal in my IEMs. The band has no reason (other than the piano) to run stereo IEMs.

    Thus, I'd rather hear a cleaner mono signal in the IEMs and send mono to FOH, rather than have the FOH piano in stereo and have to listen to the summed signal in my IEMs.

    All of this is frustrating because I monitor this piano in stereo at home, and on other gigs!

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    Re: Mono Piano Possible?

    Hi, David - Well, sounds like you could have the group re-do the wiring set up so you can hear the stereo you want. - I take it that my little experiments in Sonar which produced Zero phasing in mono don't simulate the same conditions enough?


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    Re: Mono Piano Possible?

    You could use a single channel (L or R), and not sum it at all, just pan it center. I'd expect this to work fairly well for Classic and Stage positions, and might work okay even with Close and Player positions. It would be least likely to work well for Under the Lid (which Basic uses) since there's relatively a lot of bass/treble pickup difference between L and R in that position. Might be worth a try for whatever position interests you - it's the only way to know if it would suit your needs.

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    Re: Mono Piano Possible?

    why on Earth are the iem's mono to begin with?

    Probably because they only have single channel processing for each IEM.
    Tell them you don't want any EQ or compression, and do whatever it takes
    to make your mix stereo, gosh.

    They probably don't know how to use a monitor console in stereo.

    You could always make your own "keys" stereo mix on a small mixer and
    ask them for your line level mix and connect that to your small mixer.
    Then use their IEM connected to your mixer or if they get snobby,
    just use a pair of your own headphones connected to your mixer's stereo output.


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    Re: Mono Piano Possible?

    Thanks for the advice, guys!

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