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Topic: a new "Divertimento" for trombones

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    "Divertimento" for trombones (updated)

    Updated to include the new 3rd movement.

    It was originally a concerto for 3 trombones. I thought it would be so much more fun to just let loose and write something "fun". And it's coming out as a divertimento for the three trombone soloists and orchestra.

    The plan is now 4 movements starting with a little fanfare. It's quite simple, built on repeated leaping 4ths motifs, with a more lyrical middle section.

    The second movement is a little choral, with the three soloists mostly functioning as a homogeneous group.

    And the 3rd movement is a set of dance-like sections: a waltz, a burlesque, and a can-can (in 7/8). The Can-can is made of material from the preceding sections.




    My plan for the work is to have the three soloists placed antiphonally as much as possible on the stage.

    My dream would be to write a piece with the brass players scattered all around the audience, above and below, on all sides. This is of smaller means, so I'll settle for equidistanced on stage left, center and right.

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    Re: a new "Divertimento" for trombones

    Very smooth and organic; grows beautifully with wonderfully colored chords.
    I may have noticed quartal or quintal harmonies?. I may be wrong. Whatever the case, I very much enjoyed listening.

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    Re: a new "Divertimento" for trombones

    Hi, Michel

    It's a special treat this morning, to find new music from you posted in the LR.

    Both movements have a wonderfully rich substance to them. I loved the opening part of the fanfare especially, and the quietest passages of the second movement wove a special magic over me.


    And you said, "...
    to just let loose and write something 'fun'..." Always a good idea, I think! Maybe there's already sufficient Very Serious music in the world.

    Thanks much, Michel.


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    Re: a new "Divertimento" for trombones

    What Randy said and I will add I like the sound quality you got also.
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Re: a new "Divertimento" for trombones

    Thank-you all!

    This is a fun commission for me... it's for a conductor I GREATLY admire.
    My only "problem" with it is that it's also for a community orchestra and three (competent) amateur trombonists (tromboners?).

    Which means I can't really let loose and write as "virtuosic" as I might like. And of course, not being a brass player, I'm not 100% comfortable writing "technical" music for the instruments.

    But I'm mostly thinking audience with this piece.

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    Re: a new "Divertimento" for trombones


    Excellent writing for both soloistss and orchestra. Great
    communication between trombone and orchestra and
    so well rendered.


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    Re: a new "Divertimento" for trombones

    I really like both of the movements you've posted so far.

    Something about this music reminds me of the American symphonists from the middle of last century. Nothing (or no one) specifically, just the general feel of it. Of course the voice is purely yours.

    Can't wait to hear the rest of your divertimento..
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: a new "Divertimento" for trombones

    Thank-you both, Jack and Trent.

    I think the opening of the "Choral" movement has a certain "Howard Hanson" sound to it... he's one of my favourite symphonists.

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    Re: a new "Divertimento" for trombones

    Even though this might be a little something different from you, it still has elements I would expect to hear from you. The harmonic language and the contrapuntal writing are great. I think this will be a very well received piece.

    Looking forward to hearing the other movements.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: a new "Divertimento" for trombones

    thank-you so much Steve.

    I guess it IS a tiny bit different from my usual output.

    Although, I DO plan on inserting a few passages of somewhat more "me" music in the later movements. I don't want to let the audience get away from it scot-free!

    I'm happy, I had the trombone parts looked over by a trombone-playing friend, and he assured me it was all playable.

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