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Topic: Free online radio

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    Free online radio

    A few years ago (I guess it was 2006?) we had an online radio, managed by Christopher Duncan, made up completely of composers using Garritan products. Unfortunately I think it cost a bit too much time and money to maintain ('twas true streaming after all ) so it didn't last.

    Anyway, I found this fun website: Radionomy. It allows anyone to create a free online radio, with true streaming, like a real online station would be, and the content can be whatever you wish. They say it will be ad supported, so they'll put automatic ads in your stream (between content, I suppose), but they just opened their doors, so I haven't heard them in place yet. If your radio station becomes very popular, they say they'll even share a bit of the revenue with you (not sure that's very probable though ).

    It was easy to create a station. I created Wizard Walk, which basically just streams a bunch of my music in random order. Hardly exciting. And there's only so many hours one could listen before re-hearing stuff, so it'd be great to have more content.

    If there's any interest, we could probably create another GPO station (or a few, for different styles).....

    Of course, we can't be sure how long Radionomy.com will last, or at least stay free, but at least it's free for now.
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    Re: Free online radio

    Thanks, Sean, I'll check it out.
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    Re: Free online radio

    Well, Sean, it sounds interesting. I will explore it, with careful attention to terms and conditions.


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    Re: Free online radio

    Had a quick look earlier, needs software installed on your PC including Microsoft SQL Server (part of the install). Although both in English & French the site is definitley French oriented as language goes.

    Site and software still looks beta to me and has some rough edges, my preference would be for the already established music hosting sites like iCompositions, DMusic, AcidPlanet etc.

    If you want to mess around with a true online radio setup - jingles, programming etc it does show promise.

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    Re: Free online radio

    Hhhm, kind of interesting - It looks basically like all the sites for people to display their music. The large Play button didn't do anything for me, the small one next to "Listen" did--helpfully, but it wasn't any kind of streaming, it was a download--and I didn't ask for it to download.

    So - hmmmm.


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