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Topic: Simulating "sul G/D" on violin and etc.

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    Simulating "sul G/D" on violin and etc.

    Has anyone found a way to simulate the sound of playing passages (especially more powerful, darker ones) on G or D string for violins? I have tried tuning violins down a few tones and re-transposed to normal hoping for a darker sound but does not seem to work well.
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    Re: Simulating "sul G/D" on violin and etc.

    Hi, Luke

    That was a clever experiment you conducted. - But you didn't get what you wanted.

    I haven't ever gone after this specific tone you want, but often automate EQ in the DAW I use, Sonar. EQ is usually the tool you need for changing tones to what will fit your project better.

    This means doing some work in the Audio realm, and not counting on MIDI to provide everything you want.

    If you're using an Audio/MIDI app like Sonar, get into the EQ controls for the appropriate tracks and start experimenting, starting first with rolling off some highs - sweeping through to find a frequency which seems to do the most for what you want, and drop the frequencies surround it down.

    You could be doing your EQ experiments using the Mutes keyswitch so that you're starting with a duller sound in the first place.

    In other words - You're needing to do some Audio editing to get close to the effect you want.

    Randy B.

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