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Topic: Your 3 most valuable tools, and...

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    Your 3 most valuable tools, and...

    This is probably a tired old topic, but I'm curious to know what other composers' "go to" tools are.

    - What are 3 of your most valuable instruments/samples that you go back to time after time?
    - What are 3 of your most used plugins/soundshaping tools?

    Also... with lots of amazing new programs/plugins/instruments coming out, it'd be cool to see what people are salivating over most. It seems that everything I want is on the verge, and it's driving me nuts!

    -What are 3 products that you are DYING to get your hands on?

    Three most used instruments:
    1) Stylus RMX. a no brainer. Still such an essential tool, after all these years.
    2) Electric Guitars. Such an awesome, authentic sound!
    3) ProjectSAM Symphobia. The Multis are freakin' mind blowing, so much fun to play with!

    Three most useful plugins/soundshapers:
    1) WAVES L2/3 Maximizers. The perfect mix finisher to make sure everything is nice and loud
    2) Melodyne. To improve any less-than-perfect performances
    3) Altiverb. To put my orchestra in the perfect space.

    Three products I can't wait for:
    1) Vienna Ensemble PRO. This program will allow me to run my Software Instruments from a slave computer, saving precious resources on my main machine! I'm hoping that it will drastically change my workflow.
    2) LASS Strings. I'm a sucker for any new string collection, and even though I probably won't be able to afford it, it will be almost impossible for me to resist
    3) Melodyne Direct Note Access. Changing individual pitches from within a recording? BLACK MAGIC! I'll only believe it when the program is loaded right in front of me.

    Hope that you share your favorites with the group! Maybe it'll open us all to new products that we don't know about.

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    Re: Your 3 most valuable tools, and...

    Well my three most valuable tools would be......

    EWQL Complete Composers Bundle
    Avalon VT-747 sp

    Wish List- (More than 3)

    GOS 2
    Vienna Ensemble Pro
    More Vienna Instruments

    That should do it for a while.
    2 X Intel i7 920 sys. 12 gigs Ram. XP & Win 7 64
    Cubase 5. Kontakt 4. EWQL C.C.C. (Play)
    Vienna Instruments SE & Plus. Symphobia. GPO.
    RME HDSPe AIO KRK V8s Avalon Vt-747sp
    M-Audio Keystation Pro 88

    My two passions. Music and Cooking.
    Both require just the right ingredients....

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    Re: Your 3 most valuable tools, and...

    1. ableton live - an instrument itself
    2. schimmel upright - most of the melodic writing is done on this
    3. moog voyager / alesis ion - this combo has most of the synth bases covered

    1. ew silk (on its way in the mail) i was holding out to see what garritan has brewing, but have an impending project that needs some non-western sounds pronto.
    2. omnisphere
    3. linndrum II - if it ever actually happens.

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    Re: Your 3 most valuable tools, and...

    My go to samples, bizarrely, are those that I've made myself - I think purely because I know exactly what's in them, and I made them to fill holes in my arsenal for which there were no commercial products at the time

    my bowed cymbals
    my whirly tubes
    my piano effects

    And add me to the list who can't wait for VE Pro. I made a serious mistake of buying a screamingly fast machine as my DAW, but not fitting very much hard-drive space. Then my Kontakt libraries quadrupled in size, and I had to swap the machine out to be a Vienna farm, whilst a slower machine became my DAW. With Kontakt on a slave machine things are going to be very different.

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    Re: Your 3 most valuable tools, and...


    1. My Casio Privia PX110! Dirty cheap and extremely well made touche and everything!
    2. The trumpet! Samplemodelling rocks
    2.5 Pianoteq 3! goes with everything!
    3. Orange Tree Jaco. I bought it last week and I've been using it continuously ever since!

    1. Cocktos freeware plug-ins! Believe it or not, they are very very nice and well made.
    2. SIR reverb! Certainly not Altiverb (the free version of SIR), but very very useful indeed

    Products I can't wait:
    1. LASS! With no doubt!
    2. Melodyne DNA! With no doubt!
    3. DvZ strings! Just curious. So much about it, so little info. It seems like a great idea but...

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    Re: Your 3 most valuable tools, and...

    making me think here...

    Three go-to libraries or plug-in instruments:
    1) GPO & JABB - I consider them a single entity, and while they may not be the ultimate at any particular instrument they are very easy to use, and I know them well.
    2) My ancient EPS and Akai S900 libraries - translated (for now) to GigaStudio, I use them because I know them so well.
    3) The NI Synth collection, especially Pro-53 - I just like them!

    Thee go-to plug-ins:
    Can not be done! Three collections maybe -
    1) UAD
    2) Kjaerhus
    3) PSP
    In all three cases it's a combination of the sound, the usability, and again familiarity.

    Three wishes?
    If you'd asked me a week ago I'd have said that the only thing I really need is a reliable, and cost effective (cash and learning time) replacement for GigaStudio. However, I've recently been exposed to Omnisphere, and I have to admit, I'm saving my pennies.
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: Your 3 most valuable tools, and...


    Kontakt 3 with many libs, especially Sonivox strings and brass, EWQLSO Platinum xp pro, Peter Siedlaczek`s String Essentials, Garritan strings, Artist Drums. Samplemodeling instruments are the best I have got!

    Waves, and Sonnox, Sonalskis. The new Cubase 5 Convo is great too.

    Can`t wait for LASS and GOS 2.
    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: Your 3 most valuable tools, and...

    For me:

    The pieces I use the most are:

    1) Cubase 5 (this often goes overlooked in these type of threads but I love it.)
    2) Atmosphere (I have Omnisphere but not enough horse power to run it )
    3) VE Standard and Extended (replacing my EW Gold Pro XP)

    audio plugins:

    1) Wizooverb (although Reverance will most likely replace this)
    2) Melodyne Create (again the new variaudio in Cubase 5 will replace this)
    3) Stepfilter (love this sound on pads and vocals

    Stuff I want:

    1) A faster bigger DAW
    2) Symphobia (never will be able to afford it )
    3) A Steve Vai Bad Horsie guitar
    4) World Peace

    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Re: Your 3 most valuable tools, and...

    Mine is only one.......

    1. credit card

    Let the choices begin.

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    Re: Your 3 most valuable tools, and...

    Most used instruments/sounds:
    1. artvista virtual grand - it just sounds right!
    2. VSL
    3. Scarbee Blackbass (probably redbass too when I have sometime to try it)

    Products I cant wait for:
    1. Heavyocity - will get this by the end of this month
    2. LASS. It might not be perfect for my situation, but probably it'll be the best solution on strings when it comes out.
    3. Sample Modelling saxes probably

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