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Topic: A short survey

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    Question A short survey


    We are group of people working on business idea which we believe can make a composer/musician's life easier. And we thought if you could help us with this short survey. No long answers, one word only. We would appreciate your participation very much.

    1) Do you mix your own music or do you choose to have a professional mix
    your tracks?

    2) Do you master your own music or do you choose to have a professional
    master your albums?

    3) If you use industry professionals for mixing and/or mastering - how do
    you typically search for the right person to work on your music?
    A) Word of mouth
    B) The Internet
    C) Visit the local studios
    D) Ads in a magazine
    E) Other

    Thanks and best wishes to you all!

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    Re: A short survey

    you know that the replies will depend on the budget. I mean, give me an extra $10,000 and I'll provide the best mastering services in the world, by hiring the best. Give me an extra $50,000 and I'll put in a live orchestra...

    So generally speaking:

    1. Yes. I think it's part of the whole process and I prefer to do it myself.
    2. Generally I don't master. For a CD I'm preparing I left it for the pros.
    3. A, B and E (already established relationship)

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    Re: A short survey

    1. Yes.
    2. Yes.
    3. If ( in the rare case ) not yes to 1. and 2. then E. and also an already established relationship.

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    Re: A short survey

    1. Yes ~ Do my own mixing
    2. Yes ~ Do my own mastering
    3. NA ~ I'm a sound engineer
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Re: A short survey

    1) Yes - I mix my own projects and projects for my clients unless they want someone else to mix.

    2) I never master my own work or client's work - I need an objective set of ears! Even if I could afford the equipment required to do it well I would still use another set of ears.

    3) E - Other - I use folks that have done work I am familiar with. I have favorites already, but I'm always willing to meet new mastering engineers... and if they do good work I'll send work their way. From my experience there is far more mastering work than there are competent mastering engineers.
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: A short survey

    1 - Yes

    2 - Yes and No. I master my music, but then the audio engineer or audio director who is mixing it with foley and speech tracks, may make alterations.

    Word of mouth.

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